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Inside Out

Inside Out

My memory drawers are no longer in the right order but not any longer I think about it with terror I have separated with myself and I, around me they pretend that's everything is alright, they say that I just got to sit tight 

However I know that my substance has slowly been replaced by absence, many of my souvenirs are eradicated whereas others are very often fabricated

I am no hen living in a grange so I find it strange that they often use the word re-arrange, have you ever noticed that dementia has the same ending than the word asphyxia

In the end I don't really care if my bread is white or brown because they would not let me go to town

They say my head is all upside down.

I no longer remember if I am an adult or a child

But it does not really matter now if I am wise or if I am getting a little bit wild 

Each time I attempt a trip at the brain it seems such a task so vain it seems so insane

I appreciate I am sometimes on auto repeat, I realize I have lost my grit

I find that silence brings lucidity, a welcome respite, a new found ability to deal with all that oddity

Isn't it weird that I cannot stand wearing a beard, it's probably because the guys from ZZ Top have come up with a plot  

I no longer remember if I am an adult or a child

So it does not really matter if I am wise or if I am getting a little bit wild 

I forgot the oven was on but how come since I clearly remember I was there with my cooking gloves on

Possibly its just because I sat on the stairs with the drowning intensity of a glare so bare

I know that I left the keys on the table, Galileo knew that the earth moves around the sun

So why suddenly do I have  such a fascination with the purchase of a gun

oh tis four, it's time to eat the jam from the bun?

I no longer remember if I am an adult or a child

Do you think it does matter if I am a little bit wise or if I am getting absolutely wild? 

Yeah I know I talk a lot to my spoon its because cutlery citizens are nice, did you know that so many of them were living on the moon

I overheard the word cocoon, somebody called me a buffoon alas its time to watch my favorite cartoon

I called my daughter mummy, well I think it was my daughter or maybe it was my doctor

I find she has lovely eyes which are always perfectly blue when she cries

Don't you think that regression rimes well with diminution?

Would it be worth trying to pair it with restoration?    

I no longer remember if I am an adult or a child

It does not really matter if you cannot pass me the extinguisher

I doubt it would help quenching the last flames of desire?

The butter cream smothered the cake, no more wishes I want to make

So I guess it does indicate it's probably time to muffle the life term

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Pascal Derrien 19/10/2018 · #51

#50 thanks for saying I wont ask why.

Dr. Allen Brown 19/10/2018 · #50

I can really relate to this.

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Pascal Derrien 18/10/2018 · #49

#48 ah thank you Allen kind words so much appreciated

Dr. Allen Brown 18/10/2018 · #48

I have found your post amazing. Keep it up.

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Pascal Derrien 21/9/2018 · #47

#46 thanks Jennifer kind words much appreciated

Jennifer Leach-Trask 21/9/2018 · #46

Absolutely breathtaking. Very poignant, profound and real. Thank you for sharing.

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Pascal Derrien 25/8/2018 · #45

#44 thanks for sharing this link I read in Spanish first but glad there was an English version to help me bridge some gaps as always you are very thoughtful @Julio Angel 🐝Lopez Lopez

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