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Is Capitalism Out Of Control? The Answer Is...

Is Capitalism Out Of Control? The Answer Is...

Funny times around us at the moment. Nobody is too sure who is behind the wheel and for those who claim to be, its pretty unclear if they actually know what they are meant to do!!! I am probably stating the obvious here but does it not seem to you that the whole thing is spiralling out of control. 

The very basic definition of capitalism is an economic system based on private ownership of capital. It has very often been opposed to Communism, a form of socialism that abolishes private ownership, a political theory favoring collectivism in a classless society. Has any of those systems worked perfectly for us. Hell No!!!

Do we need more capitalism? No. Do we need more communism? No. Some greedy Americans in particular would have an anaphylactic shock at the simple evocation of the term, so lets not do that or shall we :-)? More seriously I think what we need is less dilution and more focus. We need companies to solve issues rather proposing only products. We need to shift the shelf mentality to a solution driven approach where the product is only a mean rather than the finality.

That's all very good and jolly my friend but how can we make an attempt to do that (please note the paternalistic tone :-))? Well, some avenues to explore may well be social enterprising. Why?  Because I strongly believe the Social enterprise model becomes a viable and tangible option both for the economy and the society when the product is morphing into a catalyst or a conduct to achieve a societal goal. That is if we accept to readily alter the current production models obviously. 

Social enterprises create positive value and disrupt the market where charities are ''just given/giving'' , the latter do create some positive impact alas it's very often only at transactional level. What I mean by that is for example they give food to the homeless but they don't necessarily help them to be self sufficient. Their programmatic approach to an issue is not the same either than a social enterprise. You could even argue that in some cases they in fact simply perpetuate the issue, you can't treat gangrene with plasters in my opinion. 

By nature social enterprises are small in sizes, very often community based which tend to prompt hard core capitalists to describe them as mickey mouse operations, they would even add that the model is not scalable. Not necessarily true but not untrue either, the social enterprise landscape is vibrant with pockets of brilliance and innovation but is also not homogenous and that's a fact. Most of the social enterprises cemeteries are littered with ill advised entrepreneurs and half baked ideas. Run management is very different to ''aspirational management'' and that's where many ''do good'' crusaders fail.

So how do you scale up? Well if its not strictly speaking for small social enterprises entities to fill that role, B-Corp could well be the answer. Slightly bigger in size and in reach, those companies hold a certification whereby they sign up to be a force for good. They still make profits for shareholders but the ethics and reinvestments are paramount to the model. Not yet a widespread movement but not anecdotical either. 

There were roughly 900 of them in 2014 spread across 130 countries. Companies such as Better World Books or Cascade Engineering are among their ranks alongside Ben & Jerry who is probably the most prominent of them in terms of branding. All have a commitment to post sales community. I like the idea: In opposition to mercantilism lets buy social.

I can already see the sarcasm army and other cynical squads branding numbers and figures battling against what they may consider being the ultimate and dumbest beatitude of a handful of idiotic dreamers. Hang there will you, I am not oblivious of the major forces at play and I am fully aware it's easy to deconstruct a 2mns read. One can wipe it out as a childish proposition. Maybe I am not eloquent enough for some but maybe I don't really care what they think either. 

Is it really immature or unrealistic to think the system needs a counter balance to its current parameters. I don't know you but from where I stand the current model is a bit out of control and not overly inspirational. I don't really see any compelling value proposition in massive overproduction, waste, pollution or exclusion nor I am willing to subscribe to the spin promoting large scale unemployment, malnutrition, exploitation or corruption to name only a few distortions of the truth.  

Is it being naïve to believe in values that are not just speculative? Is it important to take personal accountability? Do micro actions have a chance to impact the system at macro level? I don't know but don't you think its well worth trying ? So here is a question for you. 

What are you going to do ? 


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Pascal Derrien 22/2/2019 · #44

#43 thanks 🙏 @Jennifer Leach-Trask 😉 I guess people do what they can not always what they want intent is a good value me thinks 🤔

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Jennifer Leach-Trask 22/2/2019 · #43

Hello @Pascal Derrien, wow what a thought-provoking buzz. I think you are plenty elegant as a writer and moreover as a person. I feel that personal accountability and believing in values that are not just speculative is not naive. I strongly feel that we must do more of this so that we don't continue to imperil ourselves and our society. Well done Pascal.

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Gerald Hecht 22/2/2019 · #42

#41 hey @🐝 Fatima G. Williams it is good to be back in touch! I've been thinking a lot lately (or contemplating) the current "state of things" (not trying to be vague...seriously) and I believe that what (for the past couple of months) has made me wonder if I may have "depressionitis" or something is actually the experience of the reality of how such a large percentage of the population doesn't understand how critical the word "TIME" is --in all of this

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🐝 Fatima G. Williams 22/2/2019 · #41

#39 #40 Thanks @Gerald Hecht the comments on this thread speak exactly what we all know and what we can do but when we will is a question that time and our current micro-actions will answer.

Yes Pal "May be it's time to let the old ways die"? -

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Gerald Hecht 22/2/2019 · #40

#38 fwiw @🐝 Fatima G. Williams --I like your comment

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Pascal Derrien 22/2/2019 · #39

#38 indeed @🐝 Fatima G. Williams your generation in particular has reminded us many times of the old saying can’t keep on always doing the same thing and expecting a different outcome 🤔

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🐝 Fatima G. Williams 22/2/2019 · #38

#36 A nail biting topic pal, I believe that micro actions would breed a change one day, so it's well worth trying and I love the discussions on the topic which is mostly side stepped as confrontation is not very welcomed in the world we live in. It's more of a delegating style than a two-way communication and support that involves discussion, encouragement and facilitation. You do as your told or you're out of the picture or out of the world. I always felt the same way about social enterprises they need to be transformational rather than just transactional. We rather how a man how to catch a fish than catch a fish and feed him. The latter is what world leaders do and people buy into that. There will come a time where materialism is given less importance and humans will understand the importance of having each others back, we both may not be alive to that day but I believe I hope and I dream that a change would come!

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Harvey Lloyd 21/2/2019 · #37

#36 I couldnt agree more.

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