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Life Imitating Life

Life Imitating Life

As I start this article I am quite unsure of where its going to take me to be very honest. I seem to have a bunch of thoughts that I know may need to be refined at some point but I also think they reflect pretty accurately where I am at the moment on a few topical subjects.

I am not going to (even though I could) talk about Block Chain because frankly the discussion appears to be padlocked into a sterile and binary debate. The believers and the non believers argue with no real breakthrough on either side and my conclusion is that the level of the discussion is closer to a coffee machine break contest. Honestly most of what I read would make Justin Bieber's songs lyrics look like an excerpt from a philosophical manuscript.

Artificial intelligence, virtual Reality, augmented reality are big buzz words and the new trends. A genuine opportunity to enter the new world , a fundamental and technological step forward for the entire human race according to various spin doctors. Frankly does reality needs to be augmented? Is it not bad enough as it is? It's funny (almost) that many feel the urge to wear ugly software powered glasses to experience what is called virtual reality while at the same time it's preventing them from performing basic function such as walking and seeing unless they actually remove them !!

Entertaining a discussion with a Chat Bot does frankly leave me cold and I find the experience nearly spooky. I read somewhere that many specialists in healthcare front line will potentially be able to be replaced by automated physicians. Hmm that's all I have to say. I am all for progress, research and development, I agree it is key to the human race evolution. I am not a contrarian for the sake of it but when life is imitating life I am failing to grasp the point. 

The emotionless world some are proposing is one dimensional, the world of apparatus will be perfect, we will reject the defect, humans will be treated as pets. Uniformity of the planet is the new template, where instinct, feelings, ambiguity will be substituted by automatons emoticons. Death, illnesses, biosphere, instincts will be relegated to mere bugs incidents. Passion, excitement and sentiment will be subject to various reboots.

Pretty dystopian vision I know, earth governed by the sons of nothing policed by imposter syndrome soldiers. This is way past scepticism, this is a dark, depressing and gloom. Devoid of light it will be a very comfortable life, albeit no concerns or need for attention it will be in the good care of automation. I don't know you but I find it a bit too sinister and I am not ready yet for humanity's hand over.

Call me a clown but what if the ship goes down?

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Pascal Derrien 7/5/2018 · #46

#43 Thanks Roberto for your comment , funnily enough I am in the process of writing a post about loss of control and I am just reading your comment now... :-) Maybe you are but I am not so sure now I hope I am wrong :-)

Pascal Derrien 7/5/2018 · #45

#44 thanks @Harvey Lloyd a sane comment full of thought provoking wisdom combining opinion and instinct I like that :-)

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Harvey Lloyd 7/5/2018 · #44

I don't think you are to far off the mark here. TV 50 years ago was a great technology that brought into the home many new ways of gathering information. Look at how psychology now raids the box in manipulating purchases, beliefs and many other aspects of human existence.

When we look at ways to input into the human mind we also have to look at "what". Unfortunately we are only at the late middle of understanding the concepts of the inputs detriment to society.

Secondarily we have to consider the amount of information that is input. Beyond our own village of living we cant really control the millions of inputs about far away villages. Amazingly though we are emotionally drawn to other villages while we don't even know our next door neighbor.

Your thoughts just 60 years ago would have been those of a person requiring medication. Today you are wise prophet.

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I think that the high technologies that could replace man in the future would not be implemented suddenly, but would be tested and adjusted step by step, and depending on the impact and results, some would endure and others not, otherwise we would go to chaos
In addition, all intelligent machines that are developed will have the option of receiving orders from humans, therefore, we will always have control; In fact, today, almost all activities in different areas depend on PC applications, and communications where a massive failure of the latter could be catastrophic, but the benefits always weigh on the disadvantages.

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human article in every way

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@Pascal Derrien let us enjoy our human traits as long as we can!

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Pascal Derrien 21/4/2018 · #39

#38 thanks @Debesh Choudhury life can be a sweet song or a soap opera 🤔