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On(e) For The Road

On(e) For The Road

Life is sometimes very strange, that said it could be worse if it was orange thought Russell. If I had friends would they all pray? Maybe they would say that I suffer from an odd chemical deficiency or more likely invoke I am subject to a rare form of mental decay. Anyway I don't care because when they are going to sink, goodbye it will be time to say.

Relatives: you love them or you hate them, my deduction though is that you cannot really escape the bloody mayhem. 

It was meant to be a poem but it won't be because of the family of them

It was meant to be a hug now I am told I acted like a thug

It was meant to be friendly, not scary, how come it became so dark and messy

It was not meant to be awkward why people do always think I am backward?

I am positive It was meant to be sensitive

Or maybe confusedly I meant definitive  

My name is Russell, I don't know my age and for as long as I can remember it seems that I have been living in a cage. They say I am recovering slowly. From what I don't know they don't dare saying maybe it's their own way of saying they are caring. 

It's 5 now and when I close my eyes, I dream of berries and pies. I don't like when they say it's time for the pill because they always mention I am very ill. I rather think I am about to upload another one for the road. 

Hey there is a Western on TV, I better check that my gun is in full load.

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Wow--I missed this one, @Pascal Derrien. Brilliant comes to mind. There is a sort of sweetness to it.

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Pascal Derrien 21/4/2018 · #28

#27 thanks @Claire L Cardwell I tried to see if I could convey a few words from a troubled perpetrator's view point

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Claire L Cardwell 21/4/2018 · #27

Thanks @Pascal Derrien - another wondrous piece of writing!

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Pascal Derrien 23/1/2018 · #26

#25 thanks @Debasish Majumder this is much appreciated as always :-)

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Debasish Majumder 22/1/2018 · #25

nice buzz @Pascal Derrien! enjoyed read and shared. thank you for the buzz.

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Pascal Derrien 15/1/2018 · #24

#23 thanks @Tausif Mundrawala family can be support but also a very toxic environment indeed thanks for dropping by :-)

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Tausif Mundrawala 15/1/2018 · #23

You love them or hat them but you can't escape this bloody mayhem. Well said. There are very few to whom you can call real relatives otherwise they are the reason of one's doom. Am glad that you shared this buzz with us, my friend @Pascal Derrien

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