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Relation Cheap

Relation Cheap

Its not like as if we had met on line and then I started to call you mine

I should have known you were not a love leader but more likely a sentimental spammer

I should have noticed you were prone to behave like a teenager wandering at all hours 

A slight disillusion of grandeur, an odd demeanour, a motion affected by a deafening stupor

This how I realized that what I took for candour was just the attributes of an attention seeker

One of those who keeps hiding his multiple accounts on Tinder and pretend he is unique at

The parlour

Give me a like that my numbers can reach a spike  

Give me your love and all of the above

If I am honest I knew it would never be epic but I never thought it would become that toxic  

You only thought of it lightly, you said that nobody who would care about my life's intricacy

You bastard ! You even smiled when you called me clumsy and loaded the word parody

You added jokingly that it was a game, that I needed to be stronger to be able to handle fame

That I should be willing to accept that sometimes mental ping pong can go wrong

That it's like a battle in the Mekong

Give me a like that my numbers can reach a spike  

Give me your love and all of the above 

You refuted perversion, I called it aggression , you responded fact distortion, that it was all out of proportion

You pretended it did not happen that my recollection was not even and you posted a smile to your mam on Instagram

Denial is regression on speed dial but it was definitely not legitimate to treat me

Like a primate

Give me a like that my numbers can reach a spike  

Give me your love and all of the above

I tried to get you to unfollow me almost naively

I begged for a pause, I even tried to get us to hit refresh

But there was not stopping you, you were so obsessed for more blood and flesh

Nobody wanted to notice, moral duty is out of practice so I guess there was no point in calling the police

hashtag I only brag when I pretend to smoke a fag

Give me a like that my numbers can reach a spike  

Give me your love and all of the above 

It was not only the heat of the moment, it was apparent you so sadistically enjoyed that side of harassment

I believed that of me all you felt was resent, I remember clearly you made that comment

I cant stand to think about you being in the vicinity but I can't  bear others pity

I will no longer cry and I will no longer be shy

Because of all I have been thru

But mostly because of you

I finally wrote it 

#Me Too

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Jennifer Leach-Trask 21/9/2018 · #34

Reading your buzz makes me feel vindicated from a similar experience.

Lisa Vanderburg 15/4/2018 · #33

#32 guess you reminded me of being how raw a lime would feel having its skin scraped off :)

+2 +2
Pascal Derrien 15/4/2018 · #32

#31 thanks @Lisa Vanderburg when it comes to abrasiveness I think there was no other and I am not even sure I have managed to capture the intensity 🤔

+2 +2
Lisa Vanderburg 15/4/2018 · #31

Lusty ode to social media @Pascal Derrien - just love its abrasiveness!!

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Renoy George 15/4/2018 · #30

#25 My pleasure @Pascal Derrien poetry is kind of how I started with writing. I enjoy reading, telling, listening to stories. Using poetry as a format makes the whole process enjoyable and I know it's not east. So awesome post!

+2 +2
Proma 🐝 Nautiyal 14/4/2018 · #29

#28 It is, @Pascal brought to light a matter, an occurrence, which is all too recurrent. In this age of Tinder and Insta, we don't even know what is true or false, anymore. I recently came to know about 2 such occurrences, and what I had heard both of them say was exactly what you put in such a poetic manner.

+2 +2
Pascal Derrien 14/4/2018 · #28

ah you are very good to me @Proma 🐝 Nautiyal :-) gosh that's a very compliment and I am just glad it does resonate with some people some articles are more important than others I suppose :-)

+3 +3
Proma 🐝 Nautiyal 14/4/2018 · #27

I have no words, @Pascal Derrien. I don't know how you write what you write. For each and every piece is ever more powerful than the last one.

+3 +3