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Coming across a lot of keyboard warriors lately. They have slogans. They have faith in what they say, they genuinely believe in what they do. They are positive they know what is good for me and you. They stubborningly think they know best. Perhaps they are right, maybe their plot we should accept and forget about the rest.

I don’t blame them. I even like some of them. I like dystopian stories too, I have even written quite a few of them. The thing is that they are just that...stories..... Digital revolutionaries, conspiracy theorists groups can be attractive especially when the alternative choice is weak or barely worth a look. The theories they steward are elaborated and they would even make sense as they are always well presented. I dare say you could almost be tempted in believing in some of them. Even without proof that would make it so comfortable and easy to accept wouldn’t it.

I am no intellectual or a scholar in fact I am not the brightest button on the coat but this is not the first time in history that we are confronted to catastrophic events. We have not always reacted in unexpected ways but we have very often created urban myths. If anything else the current pandemic should teach us humility. Mankind has become very arrogant but like many other animals on this planet we are mere guests. We don’t own the place we get to live on it. Personally I just think nature has just sent us a reminder of how insignificant we are in the overall cycle of life.

We can implore our made up gods, build myths hoping to make sense of the mess we got ourselves into but this ain’t going to lead us anywhere. We are a self obsessed species who believe in the utopia of controlling our ecosystem. Fascinating though than anything from rednecks, structured fascists groups and other right wingers almost all converge to the same point than anarchists, Antifa or anti-system opponents.

Many firmly believe in the great reset whatever the fuck that is, they denounce social media and internet manipulation on internet by mostly citing or providing links or sources from internet.

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Rose Mile Jan 6, 2021 · #35

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Pascal Derrien Jan 4, 2021 · #34

#33 many thanks Don for sharing your thoughts on an all too rare appearance on this platform. I agree there is no plan because we dont know what we dont know.....

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Don 🐝 Kerr Jan 4, 2021 · #33

Adapt. Pivot. Reinvent. Re-imagine. None of these attributes are unique 2020 but a constant in humanity. Unfortunately it appears that many are pivoting to some mid-19th century approach to life where there's a master plan. There's no plan. Just hope that at some point we all recognize the necessity for decency, dignity and respect...all of which are in very short supply on social media and in many other locations. However, there are a few beacons that may light the way. Thanks for sharing @Pascal Derrien

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Pascal Derrien Jan 4, 2021 · #32

#31 thanks @Ian Weinberg it is and will probably the only time I will speak about it like you I am more focused on protecting pockets of decency and humanity when I come across them. What goes around comes around :-)

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Ian Weinberg Jan 4, 2021 · #31

Great to see most of the gang still breathing and kicking on beBee. Another gem @Pascal Derrien I'm a little maxed out from all the Covidding and resetting. I've also lost faith in most of the 'experts'. At this time I derive meaning purpose and gratification from cherishing and sustaining the inter-human connection whenever and wherever it occurs. I have faith in the best of human decency and commit to keeping that flame alive. Ultimately the dark side of humanity destroys itself. As we say in Africa 'Amandla' : Forward - onwards and upwards!

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Oh, and I deliberately left a paragraph out of the piece. It's still missing a sentence, but you catch the drift:

"I cannot write or speak openly about this for fear of being sacked.
My university is up to its ears with the B&M Gates Foundation, never
mind direct links to Pharma etc..."

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Pascal Derrien Dec 31, 2020 · #28

#27 thanks Lyon at least I am not on my own :-)