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That's Smart

That's Smart

The writing thingie came back to hunt me again the last few days but purposely I thought I (and most probably you too) would welcome a step away from the human psyche and its exploration. While I am not ready to write about the seven best ways about the seven best ways just yet I thought that maybe I could talk about something that caught my attention recently. 

Hang on and don't get overexcited because I am telling you now its pretty ordinary. That said I like mundane there is something almost poetic and reassuring in everyday existence isn't it ? So what am I talking about? I think its a urban artifact. Some may call it street furniture but I cannot tell you what the thing is precisely. Its an electric box of some description which seem to have an engineering function. I guess they are pretty useful and serve a definite purpose since I have come across quite a few of them while running or cycling. 

They are normally concentrated in urban areas, I am not sure but since most of them seem to have mushroomed near traffic lights I guess they must be a command center of some kind. Frankly they look pretty dull, they don't have an imposing size either. Maybe I should make some research and tell you exactly what it is but that's not what I want to talk about, if you know please feel free to enlight us. In the meantime how about we tacitly decide to park that aspect for a while.

I don't know if it is the local city council, an artist or the company looking after the traffic lights but somebody came up with the idea that maybe there was an opportunity to jazz up the visuals and add a bit of funk to those metallic boxes. Well whoever that was kudos to whoever then :-)

I went on a small cycle spin yesterday and I took the photo above for you. Its pretty nice well at least it's much better than dirt or crappy graffs sprays in my opinion. There are roughly ten of them who have been customised within my catchment area. All the themes are pretty different and cover football, trees or abstract. One has even a beautiful peacock on it.   

I am no expert in urbanism , I cannot tell you if it refers to X or Y and I could not care less. I am not going to come up either with some smoky theories about off the ground concept or pop intent. No, none of that au contraire. The only reflection that came to mind when I got back on my bike yesterday was pretty down to earth. I think I mumbled something along the lines of...

That's Smart 


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Fay Vietmeier Nov 20, 2019 · #34

@Pascal Derrien
Thanks Pascal for sharing the song
I'll look it up
the "dogs" will argue ;~)

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Pascal Derrien Nov 20, 2019 · #33

#32 @faye only one girl Evie aka Fifille a doll with her mind of her own
as the famous aristocats song goes , everybody wants to be cat !!!

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Fay Vietmeier Nov 20, 2019 · #32

#31 @Pascal Derrien
Then you are with me a member of the "Fellowship of Felines"
What is your feline friends name?
(mine are: Joyful-Oreo ... who looks like a skunk & eats like a pig ;~) Princess Graceling "Gracie" ... meaning survivor /Dharma my emotionally intelligent feline ... and Jeremiah "canned honey")

You may enjoy my post from awhile back "Herding Cats"
“A cat has absolute emotional honesty: human beings, for one reason or another, may hide their feelings, but a cat does not.” Earnest Hemingway

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Pascal Derrien Nov 20, 2019 · #31

#28 I am a cat whisperer according to my kids 🐈 I have great discussions with our cat 🐱

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Pascal Derrien Nov 20, 2019 · #30

#29 many many 🙏 thanks for confirming my initial guess 😉

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