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The Silent Planet

The Silent Planet

In 2345 the reference to any type of Gods or divinity in the intergalactic vocabulary was prohibited. In 2347 all forms of religions were officially banned or dismantled. In 2349 all the religious orders were systematically pulled apart. By 2355 all temples, churches, mosques or worshipping sites were closed down or entirely destroyed. The teaching of any religion or school of thoughts advocating the existence of a supreme being were subsequently removed from all official curriculums. In late 2360 all monastic activities were proscribed. Surviving monks, abbots and other imams were outlawed or executed. By 2370 all traces of faith had been erased from the collective memory. Project NGC 7293 was closed. All effigies or related information about religions digitally or magnetically recorded had been wiped out. All the manuscripts had been burned down. 

In 2375, the Great Council adopted further measures for one planet in particular. It was declared as best interest to suppress all forms of voice communications and interaction between its inhabitants. It took immediate effect. From that point on, the body of citizens were only authorised to communicate with signs for Caste 1 individuals, the latter constituting the largest part of the population. Category 2 residents were also reduced into living into a soundless world but could use their bots. All bots were forced to using graphic holograms to express their routine messages. The usage of vocal sound was only allowed within the Great Council under special request.

In order to enforce a quiet, soundless and noiseless world the policing committee voted the creation of a special Agency. The Silencers as they would soon be known served the new state in exerting power about all things resonance. They built a fierce reputation out of their ruthless behaviour and lack of pity.  In 2373 alone they had ''suppressed'' 2. 700.000 attempts at vocal renderings. One out of 2 dissidents were killed at laser point. 

For many, protests or rebellious attempts became futile. Knowledgeable ideas were worthless unless approved by the great Council. Introspection became the only diversion in a world gone mute. It quickly became the only mean to soften the hardship of the silent curse. At first it was only seen as an organic movement but the brightest minds from Caste 1 and Category 2 quickly organized themselves throughout the establishments of local cells and sub-continental coordination hubs.

Imagine that some infants had never heard the sound of their mothers, toddlers had never been soothed to the sound of a maternal song. Many of the adolescents did not know how to speak or express their emotions and the elderly had mostly given up. Sound was foreign to most in their mechanical and transactional lives. In order to provide an alternative to a dull existence surrounded by sound detectors, the most creative and militant cells started to provide drawings and crafting programs to their members. It was seen as a cognitive tool to help resisting control and authority but would also provide a long term ability to express universal ideas towards emancipation. A viscerally needed alternative to the Official Expression Authority Manifesto.  

The aspiration was noble but alas the main planet was never to see that day. Despite relying heavily on the siIencers and their strength to tone done any rebellious activity, the great council could sense that it would take only a matter of time before its authority would be questioned, tested and maybe even overruled. In a radical move, they decided to adopt Motion 51.

On the morning of Oct 21st 2387, Earth as the main planet was also commonly known was subject to 27 Gala self inflicted supra nuclear explosions. They had all been approved and ratified by the Great Council.

The moon became an orphan and it created an unbalance of extreme proportions in the solar system. The core of the planet suddenly disintegrated and it sealed the end of all forms of life. Habitants from the colonies were in utter state of shock, even the most vocal delegates were barely able to articulate a R.I.P to Mother Earth.

Silent for ever 


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Harvey Lloyd Apr 23, 2019 · #42

#41 Yes, it is the cycle of discontent so many cultures have endured in history. Each was marked by a single factor. The loss of that central theme found within the fulcrum. Those things that were sacred to all, being replaced by identity challenges, segregating people.

There is a bit of irony as we look at history, being the most enlightened society we sure do repeat history alot.

The story of the goose that laid the golden egg is a worthy story even today. The moment we crossed over to wanting it all at one time does not happen in an instant, but over time. A time where we lose sight of humanity and believing that inside the fictitious goose lies an answer. When we find out it doesn't have the answer we merely create a new goose.

Thanks for the reminder that the gold of the goose was never the answer but rather humanity is always the real fabled goose that can lay golden eggs.

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Pascal Derrien Apr 23, 2019 · #41

#40 Interesting Harvey :-) We are living in confusing times , they could be exciting though but the opportunities are hidden under multiple layers of mediocrity and superficiality. I guess we do what we can not necessarily what we want and that's a problem in itself ;-)

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Harvey Lloyd Apr 23, 2019 · #40

@Pascal Derrien i couldn't help but think of Archmedias this morning in rereading the post. The fulcrum and lever of his musings. Religion/moral concepts and motivations are the fulcrum we can lever society into success. Once we remove the fulcrum the lever becomes a weapon of mass destruction. We can't move anything so we remove it through demolition. Science would have us believe that the fulcrum can be replaced. Yet each time we leverage humanity against facts the fulcrum collapses. More data will not reinforce the fulcrum, nor will a better facebook page.

Silence is the ultimate end to the fulcrum being removed from a society.

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Harvey Lloyd Apr 23, 2019 · #39

#37 I would have to disagree. The current potus could not exist unless there was a pool to find his reflection within. Hitler, Genghis Chan and many other crazy folks who came into power did not do so within a vacuum. A pool existed that they could not find their reflection.

"We the people..." are that pool. When we look across the various parties, Dem/Rep/Ind we see groups of people looking for their reflection within "We the People..." "Narcissism". All parties think they have a solution for "We". "We" have aligned ourselves along the lines they generate.

We have a responsibility in being "We". Somehow this has been arrested by the system. President Kennedy stated it best, "Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country." This is the embodiment of being "We".

Donald Trump could not exist if Nancy Pelosi was not there. Where has the "We" gone wrong?

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Harvey Lloyd Apr 23, 2019 · #38

#37 #35 There are two kinds of heros selfless/accidental and selfish/purposeful. Keep in mind that we are talking about heros. A effort that goes beyond the average to accomplish the impossible. Before the four minute mile was accomplished it was impossible.

I would think that the word "Narcissism" would be used to describe a hero that we didn't agree with what was being saved needed saving. At least this is why i believe that the word is so much in the spotlight. On either side of the social dynamics we are experiencing there is us and them. Each side wishing to demean the character of the other within the word use. They are only a hero in their own mind, another way to say the same thing.

The greater thought experiment within the word is what is happening to the citizen as they watch the display and usage. Am i witnessing a hero or a narcissist? The answer depends on what media feed you watch or align. Character assassination has a unintended consequence. Those brought up with long term exposure to this style of leadership eventually become leaders. They will measure themselves within character, based on what they were feed during development. They lose sight of the hero concept and focus more on the character of the individual to measure outcomes.

Did the hero to so many do the act for the news cycle or did they do it because they had the courage? I don't know? But i do know that talking heads with talking points should not give me the answer.

Awesome question.

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Cyndi wilkins Mar 23, 2019 · #37

#35 I would venture to guess @Gerald Hecht that the heightened awareness many are feeling to this particular 'personality disorder' has to do with the current POTUS and all his crooked cronies...If he has served any purpose at all, it is to awaken us for our complacent slumber..

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Praveen Raj Gullepalli Mar 23, 2019 · #36

#35 While I leave the playfield open to Cyndi to answer your question Gerry, in my lay terms if I define it as ''Vanity that has led to Insanity, characterised by denial'', would I be way off the mark Sirrah? ;)

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Gerald Hecht Mar 23, 2019 · #35

#31 @Cyndi wilkins --Narcissists...this word is everywhere lately it seems; I know that it traditionally (in Psychiatry) has referred to what the earlier versions of the DSM called an "Axis II Disorder" ( a type of Personality Disorder). The newest edition of the DSM doesn't have "Axis II Disorders at all...IDK why) --anyway I know that its not good to be a Narcissist but it seems like lately it is a label that is really being thrown about. The only point of this comment btw --isn't really a point, but rather a question, do you (or anyone) know what is behind the (seemingly sudden) spotlight on this term?

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