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Try Honesty !

Try Honesty !

Who would have thought that the king of BS on my right would be subject to stage fright ? Who would have suspected the queen of intrigues to suffer from mild mental fatigue ? Absorb your fears in an instant with a brain cake & a snow flake says the add on TV. When all you got to sell is a lack of credibility and a bit of made up currency I am not even sure I should suggest honesty!

I should laugh at all this and I would if I could. Maybe it's time, if it's not already too late, to put the foot on the pedal brake. How about we stopped ignoring that the whole thing is as fake as a talking rake. At a time where so many two legged fancy themselves as the ultimate warrior (without applying the necessary rigour), there seems to be no shame in claiming to be a new guru since stupidity is no longer a taboo. How about we try honesty?

The head of contradiction loves its function, he preaches starvation as a form of salvation. In his world you bound to salvage the savage before he does too much damage. It's not us I swear, the mentally deranged forced his way out of the cage, I am positive he was on rampage. Sometimes Great almighty you say the world is a vast conspiracy party, I bet you never tried honesty.   

Humble pie and the brigade of lies don't make great allies. With nothing left to fight but rotting in sight, potatoes armies are sent to combat the blight. Its called a predicament rather than a plight, a knight you call me , that's so pretty and fancy to describe a bag and a dead body. You all seem very friendly but I sometimes wonder if only the enemy has what it takes when it comes to honesty?

Our head of governments are so manic and constantly living in a perpetual state of panic, always keen to serve us an unpleasant picnic. Frequently they make us consume brutal sandwiches with ingredients so barbaric you would think their vision of the world is beyond empiric. They supply us with a double-decker so erratic that only the club filled with its clique would claim its ecstatic. I am probably appealing to the wrong people category but I for once would like to implore them to show some pity and have a penchant for honesty.

If you don't I wont and if you wont I don't. Its not like saying repeatedly that you drink too much coffee. This is way beyond so imagine for a second that you have parked some obscure sense of insecurity and gave a try to 


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🐝 Fatima G. Williams 12/3/2018 · #45

#44 Ahh don't say that. I choose to read it so don't you shoo me away now :P

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Pascal Derrien 12/3/2018 · #44

#43 There are a few unresolved tech issues on the site that said thanks for the kind words and dropping by, there is no obligation in reading my broken prose for anybody and I fully get people have other things to do too :-) In your own time @🐝 Fatima G. Williams and if you don't read it is probably not worth it :-)

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🐝 Fatima G. Williams 12/3/2018 · #43

This is a funny comment thread whose eating up all your comments @Pascal Derrien I'm with Randall and Harvey they make some great points - You can ask anyone and everyone for honesty but you can only expect it from yourself; be true to yourself and the rest will follow.
Great article sorry for the delay in almost most of my articles on beBee I am crying a river a try and get the beBee app on my phone to act normal!

As always a big high five on yet another awesome piece of writing. I call it so as your words flow with rhythm and poise as many would agree.

Pal please keep them coming & send me a message if I'm not reading them OMG I guess I need to subscribe to emails of my favorite people here as my feed sucks ROLOL.

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Pascal Derrien 9/3/2018 · #42

#39 interesting and timely reminder about the absolute thruth @Tausif Mundrawala there is only one version of the truth indeed :-)

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Pascal Derrien 9/3/2018 · #41

#40 that's very true @Neil Smith :-)

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Neil Smith 9/3/2018 · #40

#34 I don't believe that it takes a lot of effort to lie Pascal. It does however take a lot of effort to remember to whom you told which lie. The effort required to not trip yourself up seems quite huge and probably not worth the effort.

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Tausif Mundrawala 9/3/2018 · #39

How honest are we to honour this law of Almighty who has forbidden the entire mankind of lying and wrong doing? I know it might sound as a priest delivering the sermon but what is true is true and no one can modify it by spending tons of money and projecting as much power as they got. I have always stayed true to the quote of Jesus Christ that the only person you can improve in your life is yourself and no one else. We would analyse others, judge them, despise them and not hear what we don't like but in all this we forget that we have forgotten to be honest with ourselves.

If we are honest with ourselves than the foundation of honesty would not be difficult to build. Thanks for this buzz especially the image, my friend @Pascal Derrien

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Pascal Derrien 9/3/2018 · #37

#36 oh thanks @Lada 🏡 Prkic that's a comment and a half that made me smile :-)

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