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Turning Points

Turning Points

''a time at which a decisive change in a situation occurs''

The first time, it’s difficult to comprehend that there is perhaps something really meaningful beyond the end. Yet the anxiety still takes over sending a chilling reminder that all ordinary feelings have taken cover. And if you had shouted angrily at what was left of my subdued naivety I would have probably woken up to a new reality. The apprenticeship of loss is a massive ramp up towards the most profound form of sheer individuality. To lose is to fight and it was the first time I noticed the stars often walk alone at night.

From that point onwards it would not be unusual to personify what was somewhat qualified as a rather misapplied nature. I would sometimes barely hold on. Its not easy to be labelled as unorthodox when most people want to square you in a box. When it was too abject I would ultimately press on the button called reject with a beaming grim to provide a stricken counter effect. The hunt for validation is often a distraction battling hard to overcome a thirst for affiliation. I was once told equilibrium is never achieved in the courtroom. You can't be judge and party.

Other times I would do my best efforts to anticipate, wishing nothing more than from the demons having the ability to emancipate. The future can be a lure. The hellions call it a priceless mess with its law and order and there is no warning indicating a new unmapped frontier. I wished I had paid more attention to the giants of the past with their wagons full of dust and their long gone appetite for lust. Next stop is infinity station where emotion crusts tend to vegetate in a state of rust. Speaking to a rather talkative cactus lately, he was of the opinion that no one should have isolation for companion.

I know the next time could also be the last as I am no longer in my prime. I could be sipping a cocktail of lemon and lime on the way to my ultimate hike, I wonder if you get as many likes when you ride on a dirt bike. 

Bring us some contrast but make it fast, I cant stand the long lasting imagery of an elderly me  

When was the last time we were 23 ?

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Pascal Derrien Jun 14, 2019 · #38

#37 thanks for dropping by @Melody Green :-) The path forward no matter what :-)

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Melody Green Jun 14, 2019 · #37

Turning points are a place of letting go of all that defines us, that makes us comfortable and going into the abyss of the unknown. Is it any wonder it scares us? But in a lifetime of transformations from the inner core out, I can say: 1) I've always wanted these transformations even if I have not known of it consciously. 2) The transformations are always for the better. They open me to more of my true essence, the real me that has come to live this life.3) They will happen whether we will it or nay, so why not embrace the turning point and put our best efforts into it?

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Swati Khandelwal Jun 10, 2019 · #36

how cute it is looking

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Pascal Derrien Jun 10, 2019 · #35

#34 many thanks Bill 🙏

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Jerry Fletcher Jun 9, 2019 · #33

#32 Wouldn't it be great to visit face to face at that age? I would hope that it was not our first visit in one of our rainy corners of the world!

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Pascal Derrien Jun 8, 2019 · #32

#31 thanks @Jerry Fletcher I like the way you do maths old school style 😉 to your 150 th birthday then !!!

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Jerry Fletcher Jun 8, 2019 · #31

pascal, Just when i'd settled into middle age (Yeah I'm planning on making it to 150 with spare parts availability) you come up with a post that stresses my little grey cells. We grow. We live. We age. We change. But we seldom exceed the promise of our youth. Or do we? I'll have to think on that. And so it goes.

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