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Why With a Capital Y

Why With a Capital Y

Hi guys. Well it’s been a while I know. Roughly a year with no write ups, not a huge appetite, envy or even the slightest intent to publish an article either. I was busy doing other stuff but to be honest the publishing cadence became all too predictable and mechanical for me so it was time to put a stop without making any grand statement. That said I had (have) a few stories in mind. So why not sharing them? I don’t know it’s like asking why ‘’why’’ has a capital Y.

The platform is not what it used to be either, some brilliant contributors migrated to other outlets and have built a decent following good for them. Some are persisting but others have disappeared altogether. Some familiar faces are still around but some new guys have appeared. Is it better or is it worse. I don’t know it’s like sport what you get out of it is in line with what you put in. That’s the expectation business I guess.

This small post has no ambition, no particular message or call to action. There is enough of that genre as it is. I suppose for me it’s just a way to say that its OK to navigate thru the turbulences to the best of your ability. People do what they can not always what they want or what people would like them to.

Was a funny year though. Well funny is probably not the right word but hey COVID-19 kept us alive (pun intended) , Donald’s arrogance entertained us for a while, the Brexit disaster was pathetic and the almighty Tony Robbins fell from grace proving to his worshippers that he was just a scammer like the others. So nothing new really. 

So why ‘’why’’ has a capital Y ?

Who cares 

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Pascal Derrien 2 d ago · #40

#36 Thanks Randall :-) Who knows the writing spark may come back :-)

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Pascal Derrien 2 d ago · #39

#37 #38 many thanks Lada my sentiment exactly I got to check BIZCATALYST :-)

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Lada 🏡 Prkic 2 d ago · #38

In addition to my previous comment, the song you have chosen has a timely message. To stay sane in today's world full of negativity is not easy, and many couldn't get out of the deep hole of depression.

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Lada 🏡 Prkic 2 d ago · #37

Hi Pascal. I share your sentiments about writing and beBee, which I still consider my HIve, a place where my writing adventure began four years ago.
Writing on beBee led me to 𝗕𝗜𝗭𝗖𝗔𝗧𝗔𝗟𝗬𝗦𝗧 𝟯𝟲𝟬°, where I became a featured contributor. The Bizcatalist community reminds me of beBee as it used to be in the beginning.
Yet there's no publishing platform such as beBee despite all "spellcasters and broken marriage fix-brokers". :-)
All of us who are still here hope for the resurrection of old beBee and hope dies last.

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Randall Burns 2 d ago · #36

#35 Great post @Pascal Derrien
How did you know where they're from @Ken Boddie? The aliens are on my posts too! More of an epidemic than some viruses I know... :-) (or maybe they brought the virus with them? Sounds like a great plot line, you write great fiction Pascal, run with it)

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Pascal Derrien 4 d ago · #35

#34 ah that could be fun Ken let me put my thinking hat on :-)

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Ken Boddie 4 d ago · #34

#33 Hey, Pascal, focusing on your visitor below, it seems to me that this is the only platform that has such a preponderance of spellcasters, broken marriage fix-brokers and other blatant in-your-face advertisers, who take such impudent delight in interrupting the flow of our comments strings. All this despite the best attempts by @Javier 🐝 CR to close their accounts. It appears to me that there is a fictional tale here, waiting to be concocted, about the web weaved by such outrageously annoying pseudo-medics and their marketing disciples, and you, my friend, with your outside-the-box imagination, may be just the man to put fingers to keyboard on this. As a starting point, the burning question to kick things off might be “which planet are they from?”

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Pascal Derrien 5 d ago · #33

#32 Hey Maria I think you should marry Dr Balbosa he is so wonderful and I would be so happy for you. Now if you don't mind can u get you get the fuck out of this mail thread. Yours A friend of Dr Balbosa

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