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Always Worrying? Learn How Faster EFT Can Stop You from This Terrible Habit

Worrying is a terrible habit, not only does it affect your daily routine, but constant worry puts your body on a stress state. Meaning the levels of cortisone and adrenaline on your body chemistry is relatively high. Because of this, we can say that you are physically unwell. Moreover, it increases the chances of you developing illnesses that are stress-related. Science proves that over 70% of illnesses known to man are stress-related.

There are people who find it easy not to worry, however, on the opposite of the pole, are people who finds it difficult not to worry even though there is absolutely nothing to worry about. Are you one of those people or perhaps you know a couple? 

Faster EFT is way to approach elimination of unnecessary worries. A technique developed by Robert Smith, it is a collection of new cutting-edge techniques and processes that integrates the most effective elements of EFT, BSFF, NLP, spiritual understanding, science and the mind’s great ability to transform itself.

Always Worrying? Learn How Faster EFT Can Stop You from This Terrible Habit

Cortisone and adrenaline are not your enemies, what triggers their production is your enemy. These triggers are sort of encrypted within the layers of your consciousness rooting from your subconscious mind where most of the data that are used as reference for your daily routine is stored. Faster EFT is a tool that can decrypt what is going in your mind and realign your thoughts away from the unnecessary worries.

If Worry is the Enemy, Uproot it! – Faster EFT Will Teach You How

Similar to eliminating the weeds in your garden, you need to uproot them because cutting off the leaves will only temporarily make them invisible. A few days later new sprouts will be coming out. This is the challenge that most people who subscribes to other forms of therapy to get rid of worries, depression and anxiety experience. Often it appears there is no escape. 

Well there is, Faster EFT challenges conventional wisdom on approaching how to treat the mentioned disorders. Not by eliminating what is obviously in the surface but targeting the root cause of the “disorder”.

In Faster EFT, a disorder is merely a coping mechanism and not seen as a disease like in other modalities. There are no broken people in Faster EFT, there are only people who formed habits and allowed manifestation of “disorders” because they allowed their tendencies to be sick to surface by allowing negative thoughts to dominate their mental processes. 

Let us be real, we all have the tendency to be sick either physically, mentally or sometimes, lack of spirit and emotionally tormented. The tendencies are present due to the fact that we are living. How do we stop these tendencies is what Faster EFT is all about. Robert Smith offers a 7 day course for free to reach out to anyone who might be in need of help.

FasterEFT’s Approach to Stop Worrying

This is just an overview, if you click here you will get more details and learn valuable lessons for free.

You worry mainly because your subconscious contains data that you should worry. This may have started at ta young age. The origin of the data is what Faster EFT aims to find and change your perception about it.

Start by shifting your focus on the feeling of worry. Remind and actively think of a situation that you would normally cause you to excessively worry. Think back at as early as you can when this situation began to be a very dominant thought. Search through your earliest memory of feeling worried. 

You do not have to force yourself to think as early as you can if nothing is coming up. Last month or perhaps last week would be fine for now. You will find that as you work with one memory, other memories will naturally surface, this is how the mind works. Now that you found a dominant cause of your worry, refer below:

Work on every memory as much as you can. You need to flip them one by one as you focus on them individually. Keep using the technique for anything that bothers you. When you find yourself in the moment of worry, you will notice its effects are even more powerful.