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Discover a Better Future by Letting Go of the Past

FasterEFT has a complete understanding of how your past is structured within your mind. While not everything in your past contributes to negative emotional and behavioral states, the structure of your problems is built from exposure to unpleasant experiences. Because these experiences are stored within your subconscious mind and they become used as references and filters to keep you “safe” from all other incoming experiences. It is a natural psychological response.

Sadly, not all of the structures built by the mind benefits us, some of our coping skills are even called disorders by modern psychology because the severity of the symptoms can cause a person to be incapacitated or unable to perform normal in their daily lives.

The FasterEFT Belief System understand the meaning and cause of these disorders, how to collapse the structures causing negative behavior to contribute to the overall wellbeing of an individual.

Discover a Better Future by Letting Go of the Past

FasterEFT Can Help You Letting Go of the Past

Imagine a backpack is your mind, now let us begin filling it up with experiences from childhood up to this point. Imagine every single bad experience and all the material things relating to those experiences going inside the backpack. It may be a memory of house, a town, a place, now put that inside the backpack, what about friends and relatives? All of those who hurt you and caused you to feel bad, put them inside that backpack too. Now, pick that backpack and start walking. Impossible, right? It will be awfully heavy.

Just for a moment consider the subconscious to be like this backpack, it is hard to keep on walking because of the weight of the memories and past traumas. FasterEFT is a methodology that can help you remove these things causing tremendous amount of weight and move through life in ease.

In other words, the basis of how you will face the future is directly influenced by the health of your mind. FasterEFT operates in the mind, it is where things are done and will continuously be done. Unless you change the structure of your thoughts and eradicate negative memories, you will always carry it with you and it will be extremely difficult to welcome new experiences with a positive perspective.

Stress for example is abstract, what triggers you to be stressed might be physical, it might be a person, a thing or composed with tangible materials within an event. But in reality, it isn’t them or those causing your body to be stressed, it is your mind, telling its physical counterpart – the brain, to alert the body into producing t