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Faster EFT Will Show You How to Deal with a Difficult Boss

In a work environment where you struggle to deal with a difficult boss it will definitely affect your performance. Without a good relationship with your Boss it will be difficult to enjoy your time at work, at worse, it will definitely affect your output.

The good news is, Faster EFT can change the way you see the situation and the problems you encounter with your boss. You cannot ask your boss to change for your own convenience at work but you can change your perception of your interactions with your boss.

Faster EFT Will Show You How to Deal with a Difficult Boss

Here’s how:

1. Take a moment to think about your boss and note the emotions triggered when you think about them. Note the parts of your body you feel intense sensations as you think about your boss.

A slight elevated pressure on your chest maybe? Or perhaps tightness in your throat or something weird in your stomach. Just notice how you know the presence of such sensations.

2. Using your index finger and your middle finger gently tap on the following points while focusing on the feeling on your fingertips:

*note: as you tap these point say the corresponding short phrases

a. Between your eyebrows – say “I release and let this go”

b. Beside your eye (left or right, your choice) – say “It’s okay to let this go now”

c. Under the eye“It’s sage to let this go”

d. Just below your collarbone“I don’t need this anymore, and I’m sage as I’m letting it go”

3. Grab your wrist, take a deep breath and blow it out san say, “Peace”. Think of a peaceful memory. Remember the feeling of that memory and enjoy it for a moment.

4. Now go back to the thoughts of your boss and notice if the feelings have changed. If it hasn’t notice what other negative emotions are evoked and focus on them as you repeat steps 2 to 4 until it has flipped.

5. If you encounter difficulty in changing how you feel, think back from your past if there is anyone who have made you felt the same feeling. Focus on who this person who made you feel and experience the same negative emotions.

When you have discovered a person or an event that evoked negative emotions, hold the thoughts as you repeat steps 2 and 4 until it has also flipped. Once done, go back to thinking about your boss and notice how the feelings has changed. The key here is to keep on repeating the process until the memories you hold in your mind have flipped.

If you are new to Faster EFT or anything similar to it. Try a 7 Day Quickstart Course for Free, You will be under no obligations and techniques will be shared to you and help you progress to change your negative emotions about your boss, or anything that is negatively impacting your life actually.

Why Faster EFT works?

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