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FasterEFT Explains the Mind and How You Can Structure a Happy Life

Faster EFT on Understanding the Immutable Universal Law of Mentalism

One of the most important to understand “immutable” universal law in which FasterEFT operates from is the Law of Mentalism. The entire universe is mental. All that we understand, touch and validate as real has its mental origin. It is also right to say that all that you think of who you are, your character, behavior and personality has its mental origin. In the very same sense, it means that your reality is created by your mind.

It has been said before, but no mind and body healing process has come close to providing a solution to promote healing and wellness using this universal law with efficiency. The main reason might be because other healing modalities is having a difficulty translating ancient and eternal wisdom to the modern man. Often, we get trapped in the mystical ideas surrounding the true nature of the mind, whereas FasterEFT operates with down-to-earth logic and tangible physical mechanics.

The true magic of healing relies on the power of the mind; it is an eternal universal law. Any modality that defies logic governed by universal laws are not only operating in a flawed premise, but is in fact, bound to failure or inability to deliver lasting results.

FasterEFT Explains the Mind and How You Can Structure a Happy Life

The Mutable and Immutable Laws of the Universe

We will not discuss all the Universal Laws in Detail and keep our focus on The Law of Mentalism because it is the primary key into understanding how you can structure a happy life. There is a total of 7 Universal Laws, 3 of which is immutable meaning it is absolute while the others are mutable and transitory. The Law of mentalism as explained above is immutable, meaning it is factual, will continue to exist and never falters.

You do not need to fully understand universal laws for them to exist in your life, like the Law of Gravity on earth, you do not have to understand every bit of it to work for you, but it continues to exist making sure that your feet touch the surface of the ground every single time you stand up. Every engineering and architecture has to factor in the Law of Gravity otherwise it won’t work. It is somehow similar how Faster EFT works, we work with the mind in order to build a structure that leads to lasting wellness.

How Do You Structure a Happy Mind?

It seems impossible, well it really sounds like it, because we have been subscribing in belief systems that life is meant to be always have an accompanying sorrow, we love to keep negative memories and validate them as an integral part of our lives that makes us who we are.

But do we really have to? It is difficult to discard a memory, especially a traumatic memory because the mind clings to these memories and use it as a foundation in which it builds defense protect the “self.” However, we must all agree now that not all memories are beneficial, in cases of people suffering from Traumatic Stress Responses and PTSD, all corners and functions of the mind is affected by the memory stored within the subconscious and the body is placed in a very stressed state all the time. In understanding the mind, it is also important to note that you do not need to have severe traumatic experiences, even subtler experiences are stored this way and are all used as the basis of reality, as proof of how the world works.

In short, the key to structuring a happy life is to understand that everything is mind, that we need to pay close attention to the memories that we cling to because they are the basis in which all incoming experiences will be perceived. That is how FasterEFT works, because it understands that we cannot change the past but we can realize a brighter future if we learn how to collapse all the negative thought structures within the mind and form healthier structures that leads to happiness.

Letting go of the past is truly easier said than done, for all our experiences are interdependent. All our thoughts are in subject to dependent arising from previous thought or moment. In other words, you cannot just be angry because you are angry by default, that is you, the human form of anger. Impossible, right?

There is something that makes you angry, the negative emotion that rises needs to have an origin in the mind. Otherwise it simply cannot exist. How quickly you are angered has to rely on the intensity or weight of that which is causing you anger. In other words, how anger manifests rely on the structure within the mind on how you will react when looking at or experiencing something.

FasterEFT Explains the Mind and How You Can Structure a Happy Life

FasterEFT provides a solution for this. It is a process that can collapse the structure causing you to be angry. It can uproot the cause of the problem no matter how intricately it is structured within the corners of your mind. Because of this, you can restructure your mind to react in a different way, no longer clinging to the memory with intense negative emotion. Behaviors, character and personalities are all structured within our mind this way, the diversity of each individual is dependent on their experiences and coping mechanisms. It is all mind!

Improve your life and begin Faster Emotionally Focused Transformations today!

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