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Life Transformation Courses Offered by Faster EFT

About Faster EFT Courses

Faster EFT courses are designed for all levels of practitioners who wish to expand their knowledge about Faster Emotionally Focused Transformations. The courses are designed for easy comprehension and viewable across devices, from desktops to laptops, tablets, smartphones and other portable mobile devices.

There is a 7 Day Quick Start Program that Robert Smith offers for free. This program, although free and accessible to anyone contains the basic knowledge that all successful Faster EFT practitioners know. Think of it as a very important beginner’s primer.

Life Transformation Courses Offered by Faster EFT

The next step goes a little deeper and offers more guidance on how to Transform Your Life with Faster EFT. It tackles the following:

1. Faster EFT Belief System

The Faster EFT belief system is not in any way going to challenge your current religion or other fundamental beliefs that contributes to your wellness. The Faster EFT belief system will actually enlighten you on so many levels that provides basis for your purpose in life.

2. How the Mind Works

Transform Your Life with Faster EFT will help you understand the mind on so many levels. It is delivered by Robert Smith in a way so easy to comprehend. The mind contains all our memories, good and bad. You will learn so much about how they affect our lives. Moreover, how you can use it to your advantage to overcome all your life hurdles.

3. The Structure of Problems and How to Release those Problems Using Faster EFT Tapping Style

Learn how problems are structured in the layers of our consciousness. How our conscious choices are actually influenced by our subconscious mind. Through this course you will discover how to finally set free all thoughts, memories and emotions that have negative impact in your life.

Why Do You Need This Course?

Explore the benefits of Faster EFT and learn from the master of the program himself, Robert G. Smith, who will guide you through the entire process. The convenience that the online courses provide allows you to learn Faster EFT and help you transform your life at time most convenient for you.

Whether you are going through emotional pain, physical illnesses and mental challenges, this course is a step closer to wellness.

How Faster EFT Works?

If you haven’t yet, the 7 Day Quick Start Course will teach you all the basics you need to know. Faste