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Tapping Using Faster EFT is Becoming a Trend Among Entrepreneurs

Faster EFT isn’t totally new. However, the approach that Robert G. Smith developed made a remarkable impact to visualization and positive thinking. More than just programming the mind, tapping using Faster EFT allows people to transform their emotions triggered by the memories held within the subconscious mind. In short, this is more than just forcing yourself to think positive but actually removing obstacles that makes it hard to think positive. No wonder a lot of entrepreneurs are using it to help create a roadmap to success.

Tapping Using Faster EFT is Becoming a Trend Among EntrepreneursWhat is Faster Emotionally Focused Transformations?

Faster EFT is a collection of new cutting-edge techniques and processes that integrates the most effective elements of EFT, BSFF, NLP, spiritual understanding, science and the mind's great ability to transform itself.

The technique to emotionally transform is shorter and easier to follow than the traditional EFT. Nonetheless, if you take a closer look, the elements involved in Faster EFT does not follow traditional EFT in its entirety and also false to claim that they are the same.

The Faster EFT techniques are much simpler with shorter scripts to address various common and complex dilemmas and disorders. There are plenty of instructional videos online and free resources that are easy to follow.

Why Faster EFT works

Faster EFT tapping is based on the meridian points similar to acupuncture or acupressure. The primary goal of tapping is to stimulate these points to alter the body’s current state. Tapping is very common in in relieving stress, but it can actually impact other states of the mind and create new approach in dealing with bad memories or perception on past traumas.

Stimulating these meridian points can turn off the fight or flight response changing the body’s state not only mentally but also aiming to stop release of toxic stress hormones and promote release of feel good hormones.

  • Tapping Using Faster EFT is Becoming a Trend Among Entrepreneurs

Emotionally Focused Transformations and Medical Science

It is getting rid of negative emotions that will free anyone and allow transformations in their lives. Medical Science agrees that over 70% of all illnesses has stress components. Tapping to relieve the mind and body away from stress is indeed a great way to live a healthy and successful life.

Use of Faster EFT Among Entrepreneurs and Business People

Being ambitious goes hand in hand with being stressed. Collectively, entrepreneurs and business people are among the highly stressed people in the planet compared to those who are content with regular employment.

Robert Smith brought Faster EFT tapping globally not just through his live seminars but also through free resources found online. Most of the videos and blogs about Faster EFT teach how to achieve success and effectively let go of self-doubt and procrastination. The videos created impact on so many lives.

Most of the followers claim they resulted to think more positive and improve their careers as entrepreneurs as it is also a great way to improve work-life balance.

Robert Smith believes in the idea that unless we have cleared the hurdles within our minds, there is no way we can achieve meaningful success outside. In his blog, he consistently teaches how to get rid of anxiety and how to be in alignment with joy and releasing thoughts, emotions and beliefs that are limiting.