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The Language of the Body - Faster EFT Sets You Free from Pain

Faster EFT is a tool that empowers the mind allowing you discover ways on how to release emotional stress associated with pain. Pain is a signal of the body trying to protect itself. Biologically speaking pain is our bodies mechanism to stop us from getting burnt, hurt, squashed, broken and trapped.

There are two very different types of pain, the first one is pain as we experience and feel it and the other is the pain caused by suffering as we respond to cope. With continuing suffering, we receive attention, love and support from the people who care about us. The latter is quite insidious as it can become part of our personality and character to be in constant suffering.

The Language of the Body - Faster EFT Sets You Free from Pain

How you deal with it can be quite tricky because it can be knotted within our mental patterns and create automatic responses that we might not be aware of. Faster EFT have within its core the ability to change and revert your perception about pain and liberate you from suffering.

The Language of the Body Video Series is created by Robert Smith to liberate you from suffering in constant pain and change your mental patterns that ultimately have a direct effect on your behavior and physical wellbeing. Check the limited time discounted offer here.

Faster EFT on the Reality of Pain

All pain is real to the person who experience it, whether this is emotional, psychological or physical pain. Sometimes, we have been programmed to be able to translate emotional pains into physical ailments. The body often finds a way to release abstract pain and make it manifest into physical illnesses.

It is crucial that we begin to learn about the mind and where these 2 occurrences of pain originate. Pain is commonly defined as a highly unpleasant physical sensation caused by an illness of an injury.

The result of pain is for an individual to suffer, it is the state of undergoing distress, pain and hardship. In the shortest sense we cannot decide when to feel pain if it is inflicted either by an injury or an illness but ultimately, the length of our suffering is dependent on the mind.

What if your body is simply holding on to pain to keep the body safe, loved and capable of receiving attention? It is very common for some people to use pain as an excuse to stay at home instead of going to work. It is very interesting to notice some people who are suffering from pain continuously suffer even if the illness or the p