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Wonder Why It Seems Hard to Be Happy for Some People

Since FasterEFT understands the structure of how problems are created within the human mind, it is the only emotional tapping technique that answers the age-old questions of why it’s hard for some people to be happy. Whether it is you having a hard time being happy or you’re often caught up in thinking why it seems to be so hard for people around you to be happy. Whatever it is, we hope this post helps in understanding the reason behind struggling to be happy.

Wonder Why It Seems Hard to Be Happy for Some People

Everything is Mind

Everything around you is a creation of the mind. Step away from the mystics for a moment. FasterEFT is not an energy system that will unravel the secrets of the universe, parallel and actual. Robert’s model of the mind is based on down-to-earth logic.

It is a universal law that everything or “all” is energy. Everything you see in the “actual” world is energy grouped together differently and has its origin in the mental realm. The manifestations of joy and abundance have their origin in the mind. Sadly, the origins of unhappiness and sadness are also found in the mind. “We become what we think about,” has been said over and over, many times and in many ways. But it is still so hard for some people to be happy.


Because we are creatures made up of experiences. From birth, you have been recording your experiences in the subconscious mind, and these experiences become an integral part of your mind. It makes you who you think you are and how you see the world.

Can we choose our experiences?

Well, it may seem like that. Now that you are independent, maybe you do choose some consciously,