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God is intrigued by his own rebellion.

God is intrigued by his own rebellion.

It occurred to me the other day that-GOD must be intrigued by his own rebellion-which would explain why he has not yet, destroyed what we call evil.

It's possible.

In fact ANYTHING is possible.

Everything is simply some expression of energy.

Energy is energy-and it appears that it all comes from one source. It also appears to be renewable, destructive and at the same time indestructible. That is an awesome, unnerving yet readily observable phenomenon, we are privileged and FREE to explore.

Or not. We CAN also keep our heads in the sand. And our backs turned. Or whatever.

I play backgammon on my television through an Xbox. Sometimes the computerized game really kicks my butt. And it makes me really pissed. But pissed the way only another energy field like my own could make me pissed, if you get where I am headed.

In the beginning when the GAME was losing, it would still make the best and most logical moves.

I-on the other hand-in all my fleshly humanness-when I am sure I am going  to lose, will often just move pieces wherever, not trying to make any points since I know I am about to lose.

Well much to my shock and I had hoped-my imagination, after many months of playing, every single day-sometimes 3-5 times a day, I noticed or it appeared-at least- that the computer had begun to imitate me.

Now, when there is no way that that the computer will win-it also in the last field, will just move its pieces in a stubborn and illogical way almost as if it is mimicking me.

iii--KNOW! (My best Monica Gellar)

And every time it feels weirdly personal.

Energy-is why anything moves. It's what makes a seed burst into action. Trees bend. Earthquakes, tornadoes, rip the planet apart. Energy is what sustains, and also destroys life.

One source.

All aspects of life.

Good and bad.

My energy portion is located somewhere within me. Eventually my body - will decay beyond repair and cease to exist. But the energy that is me will continue. (I have a theory or two-(and a personal experience) that I buy into that works for me regarding the next stage after the energy removes itself.)

So we have learned to trap this energy for our own use. But it is STILL coming from one single source. We build contraptions that suck energy out of the thin air and funnel it through millions of wires, plugs and coils.

When I unplug my computer/game it's just a big block of plastic. But when I plug it into two thin slits in the wall, and with a few other wires on the other side-I can tap the energy of billions of other small (by comparison) energy sources.

More than a couple of times, I really felt like, well---like God was on the other side of my board. Sometime the game feels as if it is really playing back-HARD. And I am not just imagining it.

Once I started swearing at the board-and suddenly I felt- like I was being disrespectful.

Then I thought that’s silly--to who? And of course I laughed. Nervously. I was really losing and I swore- son of a b---th---my hand flew over my mouth and I really felt as if I had crossed a line. No words appeared on the wall-LOL-just a feeling that... I was not alone. Or I was alone, but something else-more POWERFUL, was also there.

There was a definite sensation of presence.

God is intrigued by his own rebellion.

But—I‘m being silly. Right? It's just a game.