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Adobe XD is FREE!!!

Adobe XD to designers is FREE now!!

Hi, Bees!

Today I bring you great news :) a very big one for the graphic designers that we have Windows and not Mac. The Adobe XD program can be used for free and without time limit (which I love and I thank you very much) on its official website.

Adobe XD is FREE!!!

I can not express how happy I am because my lack of time had made the time of other online applications like or :(, leave my apps halfway. I was doing the wireframes on the Aethon Heh Solar Energy website, I hope it is not limited to just doing apps and I can also develop the web there since in Marvelapp I also ran out of time. >. <..

The development and design of apps every time takes more strength in the workplace and I do not want to stay out. I will not have higher studies, masters or FPs .. but I have something very valuable that is the illusion of doing something different in my profession and not staying behind. To be part of large projects and that really fill me as a professional and can show good jobs.

This is why Adobe offers me a great opportunity to demonstrate that I have learned, even if it is a little to raise and develop ideas, and that I am able to be part of an app and web development team. I have also taken up my web development studio in HTML5 and CSS3, so it's great for me.

                                                                        I can not wait to try it again!!

Thanks for reading me!! :)

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