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Searching for Dimes: Finding Reasons to Believe

Searching for Dimes: Finding Reasons to Believe

The Boss sings about it. Self-help gurus write about it. Yet most of us us simply don't get it.

That's pretty much where I was about six years ago.

I had two high school kids, my own business and most of my days were spent days dodging a curve ball or two. I guess you could say I was sidelining myself from my goal-setting happy place.

Hamster on the wheel syndrome? Perhaps. But taking many of the cartoon moments (think Road Runner) I was facing on a daily basis to keep our bellies full, bills paid, games attended, schoolwork done and our minds centered (and happy) wasn't always easy. Finding and keeping that positive attitude as well as my proverbial belief system in check during those days was a bit of a project. I am sure you can relate.

And the big question was:

Exactly how do you find reasons to believe when most of what is going on in your life causes nothing short of disbelief?

I have to confess, since that time six years ago, I had become very superstitious. Not the bad kind of superstitious, like worrying about black cats in my path or steering clear of ladders yet I have become a believer in luck.

This is when my fixation with dimes began.

Searching for Dimes: Finding Reasons to Believe