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Searching for Dimes: Finding Reasons to Believe

Searching for Dimes: Finding Reasons to Believe

The Boss sings about it. Self-help gurus write about it. Yet most of us us simply don't get it.

That's pretty much where I was about six years ago.

I had two high school kids, my own business and most of my days were spent days dodging a curve ball or two. I guess you could say I was sidelining myself from my goal-setting happy place.

Hamster on the wheel syndrome? Perhaps. But taking many of the cartoon moments (think Road Runner) I was facing on a daily basis to keep our bellies full, bills paid, games attended, schoolwork done and our minds centered (and happy) wasn't always easy. Finding and keeping that positive attitude as well as my proverbial belief system in check during those days was a bit of a project. I am sure you can relate.

And the big question was:

Exactly how do you find reasons to believe when most of what is going on in your life causes nothing short of disbelief?

I have to confess, since that time six years ago, I had become very superstitious. Not the bad kind of superstitious, like worrying about black cats in my path or steering clear of ladders yet I have become a believer in luck.

This is when my fixation with dimes began.

Searching for Dimes: Finding Reasons to Believe                                                               Two dimes found in the engine of our truck

It was back in 2006 when a good friend of mine explained to me the significance of a dime sightingas we call it. She explained that each time you find a dime, it means good luck and great financial future. In addition, she went on to say that it signified a loved one who had passed was looking out for you.

In the beginning, I have to admit, I thought she might be a little silly ending an email or two confirming her good luck by the dime she found that day. “Geez,” I thought, “I have heard of pennies being good luck, but dimes?

I hate to say it, at first, I was a dime-sighting skeptic.

The funny thing was, my friend continued to find dimes and to be honest with you, she is a dynamic person who really does seem like good luck sits on her shoulder each day in all aspects of her life - professionally and personally.

So, I thought, why not? I was in on this dime thing.

Behind closed doors, I was officially proclaiming myself to be the Sherlock Holmes of ten cent sightings.

Ironically, dimes started appearing out of nowhere! On my nightstand when I would go to bed, in the middle of my bedroom floor after the painter had just left (and I swore up and down, that it was not there when I had vacuumed,) and so on. Dimes were appearing everywhere. I was on a lucky streak and loved it!

Two dimes found in the engine of our truck

Each and every time I found a dime, I felt that all was going right in my coin-seeking world.

My business had never done better, my phone was ringing off the hook and it seemed that each day, my life was smooth sailing. I was working out again, sleeping well, new clients were contacting me daily and kids were helping out around the house.


This is the life, I thought. Where the heck have all these dimes been hiding? However, I didn’t want to seem ungrateful and look a gift horse - or rather coin fairy - in the mouth.

Until one day, the reality of it all came crashing down rattling me to my coin-hunting core.

I remember that day vividly back in the summer of 2006. I sitting in my lounge chair on my back deck on a sunny day in May telling my dime story to my kids and a few of their friends. As usual, I had a handful of naysayers but mostly, the younger ones, were intrigued and wanted in on this good luck venture.

Then, I noticed out of the corner of my eye the look that my son, Jake, gave his girlfriend. Feeling a bit off kilter, I told myself the was just embarrassed that I believe in all this stuff. And shook it off.

But that wasn’t it.

When I I looked over my shoulder into the wide eyes of Jake's girlfriend at the time, she simply had to spill it.

“Jake did it, Mrs. C.”

“Did what?” I matter-of-factly asked.

“I have been planting dimes around the house for months," my 16 year old said very non-chalantly in his smooth teenage demeanor.

“What?!” I said, heart pounding, beads of sweat coming off my forehead trying to rationalize how a kid that doesn’t even pay attention to which end of the bed he is going to sleep on actually cared about his mom’s preoccupation with silver coins.

My daughter, her friends, Jake’s girlfriend, all paused for a moment to see how I would react.

Was I going to hit him over the head with the deck umbrella or shun him from the family dinners for a month?

Can I ground a kid for tricking his mom into being - dare I say - happy?

What was I going to do?

Searching for Dimes: Finding Reasons to Believe                                                                  Patti and her Tante (Aunt) Berit - 2000

Yeah, it was fun finding those dimes and thinking about my dime guardian angel who put them there. I was sheepishly thinking of my aunt each time I found one who had passed suddenly in 2005. So, this was a double whammy. Not only did I believe good things about my financial future when I found those dimes, I thought my second mother was saying hi to me from heaven.

And I really liked that thought.

Then it hit me. Finally, that long-awaited AHA moment showed up.

Dimes or no dimes, my luck was still the same. I could still say I had a dynamic month at work, my finances were steadily on the rise, and personally, my guy, as well as my kids, was doing terrific.

I still was able to own that good luck – dimes or no dimes.

Most of us have good luck charms, believe in silly superstitions and little rituals that we hope to bring us good fortune and hope for tomorrow. It’s what all of these things symbolize that really matters.

We are finding reasons to believe.

In a world that can throw us a curve ball or two at times we may not feel like taking a swing, look for reasons to believe in your life. Little moments that create hope for a better tomorrow.

It could be the power suit that gives you the confidence when doing a presentation at work, or the belief that a dime means new clients are on the way – at the end of the day, it just reinforces your reason to move forward and live your best life.

So go out and search for your dimes today. Whether you find 2 or 20, I guarantee that you will feel a little lighter, hopeful and conscious of the good in your world prior to your coin lookout days.

Think of it this way - if all else fails, you will inevitably be a few cents/sense richer.

Either way - you're a winner.

#1 - Thank you so much, David!

David B. Grinberg 30/11/2016 · #1

Interesting story and nice buzz, Patricia, thanks for sharing. I think this post helps exemplify that the power of faith and positive thinking can have a huge effect in getting one to move in the direction toward success. Just don't get "nickled and dimed" along the way (lol). I'm sharing this on three hives and following you. Keep buzzing onward and upward!

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