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The Harsh Brutality Of Modern Brand Marketing

The Harsh Brutality Of Modern Brand Marketing

I recently read many Millennials don’t care about brands.

They play the field demanding the most for their buck, and they will cheat on your brand if something better comes along. They’re just not into commitments.

But if a company does some societal good, it gets bonus points — maybe a smidge of their loyalty.

Companies like Warby Parker, Toms, and Casper are crushing it.

And now, there’s a smart new company called Brandless selling a variety of grocery, health and beauty products for $3 each. Three lousy bucks. And all the products are branded “Brandless”. Guess what? This hip “un-brand” is a very hot brand.

That’s brilliant marketing.

There are endless reports that traditional marketing doesn’t work anymore. It’s avoided, mistrusted, disliked, and considered a complete waste of time and money.

So, congratulations, marketing professional — you’ve chosen an obsolete career!

Then again, maybe not.

For as long as I’ve been in the game, consumers have said marketing doesn’t affect them. Who could blame them?

Do you want to admit a paid message that interrupted you while you were doing something you wanted to do actually influenced your behavior?

Hells no!

We are all the rulers (and heroes) of our lives. That’s human nature.

But everyone in