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Trump's Cheat Sheet for N. Korea Summit

Trump's Cheat Sheet for N. Korea Summit

While Donald Trump may have “a very good brain” but he still needs a little assistance getting ready for his upcoming North Korean Summit with Kim Jong Un on June 12.

The Lint Screen has obtained a copy of the confidential “cheat sheet” for the president as he prepares for tough negotiations with the North Korean leader.



  • DO NOT call Kim Jong Un “Little Rocket Man”
  • Yes, “Little Rocket Man” is a brilliant nickname
  • Kim Jong Un is Asian, do not be alarmed
  • North Korea is different from South Korea — like North Dakota, and South Dakota are different places
  • South Korea GOOD, North Korea BAD!
  • There is NO East Korea or West Korea
  • No, we do not know why that is. It just is.
  • Do not believe Kim Jong Un if he says he is a big fan of THE APPRENTICE
  • N. Korea is a communist state, communists are supposed to be our enemies
  • N. Korea has nuclear bombs; we do NOT want them to have nuclear bombs
  • Nuclear bombs are bad in enemy hands — they go BOOM!
  • DO NOT offer to give Kim Jong Un our nuclear bombs
  • DO NOT negotiate for shiny buttons or magic beans
  • DO NOT negotiate for Diet Cokes or juicy burgers
  • Do NOT negotiate to put a Trump property in N. Korea (maybe next trip)
  • YOUR GOAL is to get agreement for complete “denuclearization” by N. Korea — we’ll explain what “denuclearization” means later
  • Yes, “denuclearization” is a funny word
  • Do NOT mention “Libya” or “Libyan solution”… PLEASE!
  • NO Tweeting at the negotiating table
  • Do NOT comment on Kim Jong Un’s hairstyle
  • Do NOT comment on Kim Jong Un’s height
  • Do NOT comment on Kim Jong Un’s poor English
  • Do NOT have prostitutes urinate on the bed. There could be cameras.
  • Try not to brag about the size of your inauguration crowd
  • You are the BEST negotiator ever, you have made many great deals, the best deals, tremendous deals!!!


Patrick Scullin (aka PD Scullin) is a founder of ASO Advertising and recently left the ad game to be a full-time writer, wrangling parts of speech to entertain and amuse.

He has two blogs: The Lint Screen (satire, smartassery humor, pop culture ramblings, and advice for people getting hip replacements) and Empathetic Adman (marketing pontification).

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