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What Our Election Taught Smart Marketers

What Our Election Taught Smart Marketers

I think we've all had our fills of politics. We somehow survived the never-ending presidential race and were pummeled senseless with negative political ads and forecasts of impending doom (with a healthy side of gloom).

And when the dust settled, the victory of Donald J. Trump taught marketers a few important things about American life in the twenty-first century. 

1. Many citizens are not happy with business or politics as usual; an outsider is appealing 

2. A lot of people are suffering

3. Many people are tired of being ignored and marginalized 

4. Fear is rampant, and fear is cancer–– ease fears

5. People like easy answers and the promise of simple solutions (the

ol’ KISS formula)

6. Trust is critical, and trust is relative 

7. Humans want to believe, have to believe in something

8. We like being heroes and told we’re exceptional and superior to others

9. We yearn for the certainty of the past, and are leery of the uncertainty of the future

10. Media wants a good show because media is show business–– it’s all about a