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Why Empathy Is So Much More Important Than You Think

Why Empathy Is So Much More Important Than You Think

Three years ago when I started this blog, I did so because I was tired of the continual stream of bullshit that ad agencies created to explain their processes.

For many agencies, detailing their proprietary process for manufacturing superior marketing campaigns was the most creative work they did.

It’s quite a trick to reverse engineer magic and create a replicable formula one can hawk to potential clients.

ASO Advertising was in the throes of defining our process/reason for being in the age of Simon Sinek’s “The Golden Circle.”

I took stock of a career path that took me from a two-man shop to the world’s largest ad agency under one roof, through hot creative agencies, B2B and retail specialty shops, package goods factories, and my own joint. In all my years around this crazy rodeo, I’ve thought there were only two critical factors that determined success in marketing communications — empathy and creativity.

Simplistic? Maybe.

Simple to execute? I wish.

Creativity has always been expected and valued in our business. We MUST be creative if we’re going to grab attention and pique the interest of an over-scheduled and over-worked public (not to mention over-dubious and over-cynical about advertising’s claims).