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Don’t Lose One More Dollar on Advertising

Don’t Lose One More Dollar on Advertising

I just hate seeing companies, especially local companies lose money on their advertising dollars.

Lately, I’ve become hyper aware of advertising.  More to the point, I’ve become hyper aware of advertising efforts and missed targets.

It’s not that the ads I’m seeing aren’t good, they’re just missing their market.  

Here’s an example –

You see, I live in an apartment and regularly receive direct mailing advertisements.  More often than not, those don’t apply to me.  Why? Because I’m not in the target market for the companies that are advertising.

In the last pack of direct mailers, I received ads and coupons for new air conditioning units and new window replacements.  Neither of these apply to me because as an apartment dweller, the property managers take care of these things.

I started thinking, it’s not just me this advertising has missed on, it’s also the hundreds of other residents who live here.  I then realized it’s also the hundreds of apartment residents in the complex across the street and the one two blocks away and all the other residents who live in apartment complexes in the same area.

Of course there’s more.  

What of all the people who live in houses, but are not homeowners?  As renters, all this advertising falls mute on them as well. Homeowners would be the ones taking care of the needs exampled above.  

It’s not just direct mailers.  

Newspapers and Television

There are over 225,000 people who live in my city.  That could lend itself to a large newspaper subscription base.  As well as a very healthy number of people who watch TV.

However, there are still questions to be considered here for companies who are spending money on advertising.

  • How many people who receive the newspaper, read it cover to cover everyday (including advertisements)?
  • How many of those that do would be considered a qualified consumer for the company that placed the ad?
  • How many of those people in a company’s target market actually saw the ad?  What I’m asking here is for an actual number.  
  • How many advertising dollars have been lost because of the above questions were never asked or couldn’t be answered?  

The same questions should be considered when buying spots for television ads.

  • How many people who own a television watch it everyday?
  • How many of those that do would be considered a qualified consumer for the company that placed the ad?
  • What is the exact number of people in a company’s target market that actually saw the ad?  
  • And of course, how many advertising dollars have been lost because the above questions weren’t asked or answered?

A Better Advertising ROI

If you want to get a better ROI on your advertising dollars, do the following –

Define Your Target Market

As a company you may have already defined your target market.  But if you haven’t, spend some time and get really clear on it.  Some questions you may want to consider are:

  • Is your market, male or female? Or can your ideal customer be either?
  • Where do they live? Get as broad or specific as you need to.
  • Are they homeowners or renters?
  • How much money do they make a year?
  • What are their buying habits?
  • Be sure to include and answer questions that are specific to your product/ service and how your ideal customer uses it.

Invest Ad Spend in a Media That Works

You want to spend your advertising dollars on a media that can answer the marketing questions direct mailers, newspapers and television can’t, right?

Invest your advertising budget on Facebook.

With Facebook advertising no company has to ever blindly send their ads out hoping they will be seen by their ideal customer.  

As creatively and specifically detailed as a company would design their ad, with Facebook they can get just as detailed in creating the audience that will see it.  Can you see what a better investment of ad spend this would be?  

Not to mention the additional data that can be gathered.

Personally, I have nothing against newspapers or television or even a directly mailed coupon I can use.  However, I do hope to see more companies opt for a better advertising ROI by investing their ad spend on Facebook.

Patti Pestana 14/11/2017 · #4

#3 I agree! I also think, and sadly so, that some of the old school marketing media is misleading in the results they promise.

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Gloria Ochoa 14/11/2017 · #3

Love this @Patti Pestana ! So many people dont realize the strategy...I think they just want to get their msg out to anyone and everyone instead of targeting down to who REALLY needs their services.

Paul Walters 14/11/2017 · #2

@Patti Pestana . Thanks for this...nice piece

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