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Snapshots of Madrid - Teatro Barcelo

Dashing around a city as frenetic as Madrid it's hard for something or other not to catch your attention. The Spanish capital is full of so much light and energy I often find myself stopping to take a photo or two.  

So, I'll share a few pictures as regularly as I can. I'll also include some well-known and not so well-known facts about the places I've snapped. There's always something new to learn about this amazing city...

(All photos taken with my iPhone6)

Teatro Barcelo - Calle Barceló, 11 

The Barceló Theatre with its art deco lines and pastel coloured neons, looks a little like a building you might find strewn along Miami Beach, but there it is, right in the heart of Madrid’s Malasana barrio. It was originally built as a cinema and designed by the architect Luis Gutiérrez Soto in the ‘Racionalista’ style.  He designed the building with a naval theme in honor of the sailor Barceló, who gives his name to the street.

Snapshots of Madrid - Teatro Barcelo

‘La Movida’

But architectural appreciation aside, The Barceló would later embody spirit of glamour and transgression is the Spanish capital. In 1974 the cinema screened its last film and by 1980 was inaugurated as a nightclub that would become the most emblematic and stylish disco in 80s Madrid and the core of the ‘Movida’ movement.

With the public support of  Mayor Tierno Galvan, popularly nicknamed, the ‘Mayor of La Movida’, The Barceló modelled itself on New York’s Studio 54.  It counted among its guests the likes of Andy Warhol, The Rolling Stones, foreign royalty like Stephanie from Monaco and Sophia Habsburg and well known figures like Miguel Bosé, Pedro Almodovar, the Duchess of Alba and band members from Mecano.

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#2 It's one of the more understated capital cities I think. But it's all the more beautiful for this reason. You really have to visit Madrid on your next trip!

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I have been to every Western Europe capital, except for Madrid. Now, I feel the urge to visit. Thank you @Paul Burge for this beautiful sharing.


Maravilloso ejemplo de 'Art Decó' en Madrid ❤️

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