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Subway Rat (song lyrics)

This is an experiment on my part. I am very new to Bebee. After my initial opening of a profile here I have been absent for a long time. However, I am starting to rectify that here. 

These are lyrics to a recent song I have written. Music is coming. I have melody and music for it. Just not here. As a musician, I am one of those that typically writes the words first. But the words come to me along with melody. I know this is what most musicians find as backward. But it works fine for me. Thank you for your time.

(This is my first contribution to Bebee. And it may be removed before long. ???)

verse 1

Alone / with (the) noise

Sponge like my heart

Away from what I have

to the lucky time

my time with you

away from apart

verse 2

Half a jar/ like a ring

surprise me with snow

and a hug in the park

my time with you

away from apart

verse 3

Warm / that touch

out on your steps

Away from what I have

you fill my mind

on your open arm

like you’re sharing your pets


But I just continue

a trail/

of my own

and wide open floor


in the empty time of the world


and I expect/

to live a long time

like this /

a long

long time

Subway Rat (song lyrics)