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The Complete Lost in Amazon Series (so far)

The Complete Lost in Amazon Series (so far)

I call these things Index Posts. They assemble posts in a series making them easy to find. Think of this post as a Table of Contents where each post in the series is a chapter.

The images and headlines are both live links.

As I write installments, I'll add links here.

Lost in Amazon #1: Yes and No, Deb, or How To Start

Now that is pretty much 

done, or as done as any piece of software can ever be, I'm turning my growth-hacking eye towards Amazon.

Google and YouTube are the world's largest search engines. Amazon is a buying engine. People don't go there to research. They go credit card in hand to buy something.

Yet, only 100,000 sellers sold more than U$100,000 worth of stuff. 

That might sound like a lot. It isn't. 

No wonder Amazon is named after the world's biggest, baddest jungle. . .baddest jungle. . .

Lost In Amazon 2: Why Is Just As Important As How 

Contrary to popular belief, everybody has at least one book in them. Before my fellow writers bite my head off, please note that I did not say, "Everybody has a good book in them." Nor did I say, "Everybody has a saleable book in them."

I started this series because I was curious. I wanted to see if we could put our collective heads together to crack the "Amazon Code."

It started with a simple question, "Can a reasonably good writer make a reasonable living selling books on Amazon?" Like many simple questions, it's only simple on the surface. . .

Lost in Amazon 2.5: How to Set The "Right" Price