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Or …

The necessary and timely demise of the Circus 

So it started with our fear of clowns.  Clowns are synonymous with a circus.   People started boycotting the circus because of this fear.  The circus worried but changed the clowns ... made them funnier, made them hurt themselves and pander to us ... harmless clowns.  We still were afraid, but continued to go to the circus for the other things.  We laughed about our fear of clowns ... but secretly we were still afraid. 

Then came the carnies.   Yep were told we  had to be afraid of the carnies.  You know the PEOPLE working behind the scenes to make sure it ran.  Without them the circus could not open.  But carnies were dangerous we were informed (hmm by who?)  and would attempt to steal our kids.  Seduce them into joining the circus!!  We were suspicious of the clowns and now ... well the fact that carnies were also a real threat ... well ... 

Then came our awareness of animal cruelty …it just is simply NOT right to treat animals like toys for our amusement.  Clowns, carnies and cruelty we watched for years and years before we understood we should not watch.

Thus … the demise of the circus.  I mean, without clowns, without carnies and without animal acts … why have a circus?  HOW can you have a circus?   And why should or would we have one?

So if we apply this to politics

It started with our fear of the candidates.  And we are afraid.  Depending on your point of view if anyone but your candidate gets into office well the world is going to come to an end. (despite the reality ...but hey lets run with this)   Apocalyptic doomsday horror!!  So we fear the candidates and we begin to ask ourselves why ... why do I have to play this game called politics?  I just want a government like the one we asked for in our Constitution.  

Then came the People. Us.  As in WE THE PEOPLE.   Yep the circus, wait I mean the government has us convinced that half of us are dangerous hooligans and deplorables with no redeeming qualities and the other half of us are frightened sheep looking to hand over all responsibility for our happiness to the circus ... damn it .. I mean the government.  So we are afraid of each other and we wonder ... why am I afraid and why can't I simply have a government that cares about all of us and works to represent us all? 

Then came our social awakening and the tools and our ability to reach out to each other without the help of the circus.  To quit being simply told who to fear and what to do and how to do it.   And some of us began to understand that the game of politics had nothing to do with our government and did not support us and our simple request th