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Who to blame ...

Who to blame ...

Watching the reaction to the 2016 Presidential Elections ... I am hopeful that the protests are a sign of an awakening to the reality of the responsibilities each of us has to our country and the government we create and support with our votes and more importantly with our apathy.

That said, I find myself sadly disappointed in the realization of my expectations for the kind of senseless rioting that is taking place in some areas.  Not the peaceful protests ... but the rioting.  The deliberate negative impact of the actions of a few "ill prepared for life people" ...  on the rest of us. The burning and smashing and absolute hate filled actions of a few.   These folks need help.  Somehow they have "grown up" without the tools to deal with reality.   Somehow these people reached an age where we would expect them to solve problems intelligently ... but instead they can only fumble around with desperate acts that will make no difference to the reality of the situation and in fact only serve to distract from the value of the real protests and subvert attention from the real issues.  

If you are looking for someone to blame about the election results ... you are wasting time and energy in the wrong area.  We already know who to blame ... it is us.  WE THE PEOPLE.    Always has been, and hopefully it always will be.  We elect our government, they are supposed to represent us and so our actions and/or inactions allow to do that in a manner that we manage.   

If you are looking for someone to blame ... I think you are off track and have gotten caught up in the emotions of a single event.   A minor event in the much bigger picture of our country ... but more importantly ... of our individual lives. 

Instead of looking to blame ... it is perhaps time to stop dreaming during the night and start dreaming while awake.  Dream with a healthy dose of reality.  Dream after you have woken up and realized that you potentially have lost touch with the reality that is the United States of America.

There are almost 320 million people in the United States.  43.1 Million of them are living in poverty according to the report  Do the research and you will find that poverty is defined such that a household of 4 people, two adults and two children making $25,000 per year is NOT considered living in poverty. 

There are almost 320 million people in the United States and 52.2 Million of them receive public assistance according to the report  Do your research and see how many of them work full time jobs that pay them too little to actually exist. 

There are almost 320 million people in the United States and recent reports say that 66 Million of them have ZERO dollars in savings.  66 Million people living paycheck to paycheck.  

Are you aware of these statistics?  Are you part of them?  (There are many more reports just as harrowing and dismal about your fellow human beings living here in the "greatest" country in the world?)   If you are ... I am guessing you are not one of the people burning and smashing and spewing hate over the election results.  No.  You have already had plenty of everyday real reasons to succumb to mindless acts that do nothing.  You understand the pain and fear and loss of hope of those who are suffering in silence every single day.  And have instead focused on taking care of yourself and your family while working for change that is focused on the future.  You realize this Presidential election is not to blame ... and it is not going to solve the problem.  You know ... YOU ARE ... and hope WE ARE going to start working together to change things. 

So ... for those of you who find themselves facing a reality that you just cannot comprehend ... start by looking around at the rest of the country ... and the world too.  Make sure you understand the people around you.  And remember only 46% of the worlds population is on the internet and that here in the United States about 47 million people are not on the internet.  So make sure you look beyond the digital world in forming your ideas of reality ... because it seems you are confused and saddened and angry at the reality you did not take the time to research and see. 

And for those of you responding to the election results by looking for someone to blame I would tell you to quit wasting time and get busy ... the problem is you and me ... the problem is WE THE PEOPLE.   The beautiful thing though is that the solution is also you and me, also WE THE PEOPLE. And I know we are more than capable of any challenge thrown at us ... once we get busy working the problem instead of figuring out who to blame.

Brian McKenzie 12/11/2016 · #6

An incredible number of those rioters and looters are paid agitators, tasked to create violence courtesy of George Soros, Obama and BLM. It has been a two year operation to subvert America - following the exact same game plan and henchmen they used in Ukraine.

Paul Frank Gilbert 11/11/2016 · #5

#4 Agreed. Our own government, who proposes that we embrace tolerance and diversity in their words ... shows us again and again in their actions that they do not live by those ideals. Term limits. Full transparency. Outside oversight in ethics, finances and all other operations should be discussed. We need to end the idea that political roles are lifetime roles full of power and special privilege and create an environment where patriotism and duty matter again.

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Pamela 🐝 Williams 11/11/2016 · #4

I agree with what you say completely But we are dealing with humans who do too often act from the fight or flight mode based on environmental stimuli. Call it 'just politics' or ' campaign rhetoric' the media and the candidates started the emotional tirade and so where are all those emotions to go? It's time for our politicians to be held accountable for their campaigning actions. We are now witnessing the result of their words and actions. You can't strike a match and be surprised when fire appears

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Jared J. Wiese 11/11/2016 · #3

I agree. Thanks for the thoughtful, proactive article and comment, Frank.

11/9/2016 - the day after the US elections...

Be a model, not a critic. Look at the...

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Paul Frank Gilbert 11/11/2016 · #2

#1 There is good here among us as individuals ... as human beings. Americans gave $373.25 billion in charitable contributions in 2015. With the largest source of charitable giving coming from individuals at $268.28 billion, or 71% of total giving; followed by foundations ($57.19 billion/16%), bequests ($28.72 billion/9%), and corporations ($18.46 billion/5%) All this without the government demanding we do so. THAT is the real power. People giving because they want to ... because they see the need and want to help. WE THE PEOPLE ... we make the difference.

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Harvey Lloyd 11/11/2016 · #1

I agree strongly with your statements and call to action. Unfortunately the how is the question. 50% of the voting populace want to move in a socialistic direction, while 50% wish to retain a more compassionate capitalism. Each have their merits when discussing the issues you have stated. Somewhere in the middle is the current answer. We cant get there from here. Each side is polarized from the perspective of fear. Fear of some nebulous ideal of a future of mayhem.

Our government needs to get out of the way and citizens begin to take care of their own. Your thoughts are inspiring @Paul Frank GilbertPaul Frank Gilbert@Paul Frank Gilbert.

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