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Not Only For The Rich And Famous: You Can Too

Not Only For The Rich And Famous: You Can Too

Have you ever noticed how often life seems to be stitched together by the coincidence of synchronous events, where everything you read, every person you encounter, every indiscriminate thought you imagine all point to the obvious and often random conclusion? Please let me explain.

A few years ago, after hearing them talk, I decided that I would try to help Kerry and Carole Allison with their passion: young people who are left deserted and alone and living on the streets in Odessa, Ukraine. These kids have absolutely nothing: no parents to love them, no food to eat, no shelter from the snow and rain and no hope for the future except a life of absolute poverty, eating whatever they can find from the garbage and picking up a few dollars by performing sexual favours. Of course, being human, they’ll do whatever they must to survive. 

According to Carole, when kids, who are in state custody, reach 16, they are released from government care and dumped on the streets. This is where those that traffic in the sex trade find many of their victims. The kids have nowhere to turn except accepting handouts from these people in trade for sex. Of course, not all kids turn out that way. Many of the others live in underground sewers by night and roam the streets and food kitchens by day, but just a few kids reach Kerry and Carole’s “First Step” home.

As I thought about what they told me, I couldn’t help but think about my own kids and how devastated I would be if anything like that happened to them. That’s probably why I connected so well to them and what they were trying to do. So, anyway, that was a few years ago that I thought I would do something. 

And then life got in the way, and I dropped the ball.

Sound familiar?

Now, here’s where it gets coincidental and synchronous.

I met a person in Moncton recently who, right in the middle of a business conversation, started telling me about what he is planning on doing this coming year. He wants to take a team of people to Haiti to help the people who need help. He had been there on a trip a few years ago and he had seen the tremendous need for people like you and me to reach out and help in any way we could. Then, I met Matt in Halifax, and he randomly gave me a book about building leadership in people to build bigger visions and bigger results. 

So now, I had people telling me that I needed to have a bigger vision that is global and I needed to get it into action, and I had people giving me books that pointed towards how to build that vision.

Next, I picked up a book for Judy for her birthday called “The Shack” that, I was told, was a good read and that she would like it, but I wasn’t ready fo