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Paul's Blog: Speaking Evolution

Paul's Blog: Speaking Evolution

You are giving a presentation. 

You have a message to deliver.

Please don't do it the way you always have before.

Just don't tell it all to me right now, I won't be able to, nor would I want to, absorb it all.

What I can absorb is something that interests me, something that speaks to me of what I can do, become or create.  

Surprise me!

Give me a picture in place of data.

Tell me a story instead of just plain bullet facts.

Edutain me, rather than tell me a monologue. 

Resist the temptation to "visual" me into submission.

Talk at me and I will tune out and forget, involve me and I will listen and remember.


Paul's Blog: Speaking EvolutionA Bit about me...

 My vision is quite simple: to make an impact on the lives of the people who have been entrusted to me: You (for reading this article), my family and my clients. 

I coach people. Direct, practical, innovative, meaningful.

I coach for excellence.

I love what I do... and so do my clients.

Over the years I've noticed that business coaching that was supposed to make us stronger actually took away our confidence and made us doubt ourselves. Confidence and people skills aren't developed just by measuring and planning everything, they grow through doing and learning from experience and by taking risks. People want to make a difference. Build teams. Be better understood. Live more confidently.

I founded IBC Impact Business Communication Inc. to create a world where business