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What Can You Expect From A Dale Carnegie Experience?

What Can You Expect From A Dale Carnegie Experience?

Many people have asked "Just what can I expect from a Dale Carnegie Course?" I sometimes reply, "You mean other than Building greater confidence, creating an unstoppable ability to connect with people, developing ways to be a leader/engager, get your ideas across more clearly and be better understood and diminish stress and anxiety?" These are the core building blocks that make the Dale Carnegie Course so powerful and unique in the jungle of leadership programs out there. Although, these are not the only reasons why millions of people worldwide take Dale Carnegie every year, and have done so since 1912.

But don't take just my word for it, Look what Phyllis, a comptroller and co-owner of her company, who graduated from her course in February had to say:

"I felt the need today to share an experience I had this morning.

I was sitting in a meeting this morning with a group that I had never met before. There were a few familiar faces, but about 95% were new to me.  

After we had all stood up said our name, where we were from and what we did and how many years experience we had, I sat and thought “how great is this!”. No anxiety, no million thoughts running through my head of how I probably didn’t’ belong in this group, what the heck was I thinking in attending.

None of that, I felt only contentment and in the moment.  

I have been able to attend 3 networking events since the training all with the same experience.

I cannot tell you (although I’m sure you have been told often) what the Dale Carnegie Training did for me. Some days I should be wearing a name tag because I don’t recognize myself."

Is Phyllis engaged? You bet she is.

As a matter of fact, a recent study Dale Carnegie Training did on engagement found that an engaged employee is 200% more productive than an unengaged one.

You want Return On Investment? Imagine if your whole team were as engaged as Phyllis.

Don't just take Phyllis's (or My) word for it, check out what Dianne, a Home Hardware Store manager, had to say when she took her team with her to a Dale Carnegie Course:

Or Brad, a project coordinator for a major construction company: