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Burning Water - SF & Nature - Calls for Submissions

Burning Water - SF & Nature - Calls for SubmissionsMake Sure Your Submission Meets These Criteria:


Speculative and/or science fiction with a focus on nature. Burning Water seeks to explore the natural world—ours or otherwise—in relation to where technology has taken us, and where it may take us yet. Science and/or speculative fiction is our focus with an allowance for revisionist fiction.

Specific genres that we will not consider are: high fantasy, satire or fan fiction.


Short story, narrative poetry, graphic short story or creative nonfiction. All submitted works should tell a story, include a narrative voice, and/or include one or more characters.


No more than 4000 words.


The work must be original and completely your own. Plagiarism will not be tolerated. Collaborations are allowed provided all contributors are properly credited.


Only submit fully polished and edited work.

Content, Themes, topics and stuff:

Burning Water is a discrimination-free publication. Stories won’t be rejected on the basis of theme alone, but unwarranted hate, bigotry or shaming will not be accepted.

There are no limits on the amount of profanity, gore, or sexual content, but use of these must be contextually appropriate. Excessive use of profanity, gore, and sexual content will not be accepted.

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