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Decanso - Call for Submissions

Decanso - Call for SubmissionsDescansos, or roadside memorials, mark an interrupted journey; the spot where a drunk driver struck a beloved son, or where a fatigued mother fell asleep at the wheel and veered herself and her family into eternity.

While the word “descanso” means simply, rest, in Spanish, it has come to represent all kinds of memorials that mark the place where an intended path came to an unintended end. Descansos take many forms: from crosses festooned with ribbons and pinwheels, to a shattered motorcycle helmet nailed to a tree; from a collection of teddy bears affixed to a roadside fence, to a stone alter filled with photographs, candles, and milagros; to a stark white bicycle anchored in concrete.

Consider the descansos of the heart, the smell, or song, or thought that brings us back for a moment to a time or a person now lost.

While born of grief and loss, descansos memorialize love, and as such, represent the terrible beauty we all contend with as creatures who, by living, are condemned to die.

Darkhouse Books is looking for flash fiction, traditional short stories, poetry, and essays that embrace the spirit of the descanso. There are no restrictions on genre. We just want your best work.

Please limit your submission to 3000 words or less, and send as an attached Word document in 12-point Times New Roman font, and format with one-inch margins.  Submissions that do not follow these guidelines or match the theme will not be read. Previously published work will be considered, provided the publication date is prior to March of 2016, and the other publisher does not still have an exclusive for it.

Authors will share equally in fifty percent of the royalties. The submission deadline is midnight (PST), December 31st, 2016.

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