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Even physicists are 'afraid' of mathematics (link)

Even physicists are 'afraid' of mathematics (link)


Physicists avoid highly mathematical work despite being trained in advanced mathematics, new research suggests.

The study, published in the New Journal of Physics, shows that physicists pay less attention to theories that are crammed with mathematical details. This suggests there are real and widespread barriers to communicating mathematical work, and that this is not because of poor training in mathematical skills, or because there is a social stigma about doing well in mathematics.

Dr Tim Fawcett and Dr Andrew Higginson, from the University of Exeter, found, using statistical analysis of the number of citations to 2000 articles in a leading physics journal, that articles are less likely to be referenced by other physicists if they have lots of mathematical equations on each page.

Dr Higginson said: "We have already showed that biologists are put off by equations but we were surprised by these findings, as physicists are generally skilled in mathematics.

"This is an important issue because it shows there could be a disconnection between mathematical theory and experimental work. This presents a potentially enormous barrier to all kinds of scientific progress."

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Randy Keho 17/11/2016 · #2

I feel their pain. I dodged mathematics as an undergrad by taking geology courses. I'm sure they've closed that loophole by now.
But, there was no escaping the mandatory statistics course in grad school. Half the class was praying just to pass the course, including me.
That's why I chose a thesis project that required no mathematics whatsoever. As long as I can balance my checkbook, I'm goo to go.

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debasish majumder 17/11/2016 · #1

Thank you very much @Paul Kemner for sharing such wonderful insight! i guess, physicist are having definitely certain crisis in terms of interpreting them in words in lieu of mathematical deduce, as in one hand they are inclined to express in precision, which mathematics can only bring them to the forefront and, they are equally being obsessed to be esoteric, which majority may not be able to comprehend. what an irony with physics!

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