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Occult and Pagan Pioneers in America by Jason Mankey (link)

Occult and Pagan Pioneers in America by Jason Mankey (link)Since discovering Paganism in the early 1990’s I’ve been obsessed with magickal history. Most of those journeys into the past have tended to revolve around Witchcraft related topics, but I’ve got a weak spot for anyone or anything associated with magick and the occult. As a Witch it’s easy to obsess about European history (and especially that of Great Britain), but America has a pretty nifty occult past. Perhaps it doesn’t extend back as many centuries as that of England, but I still think it’s pretty significant.
What follows are some of my favorite magickal, occult, and Pagan pioneers. Many of them deserve far more words than the few paragraphs I’ll be providing in this article, but in honor of the Fourth of July I wanted to do something mildly patriotic and this is what I came up with. America might not be the home of Gerald Gardner or the Golden Dawn, but it is the home of Marie Laveau and she’s hard to top!

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