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Synaesthesia - Call for Submissions

Synaesthesia - Call for Submissionssee the world through your ears

Synaesthesia is an online literary and arts magazine. We publish two issues twice a year, and aim to engage writers and artists in an exploration of the senses. We love poetry, flash fiction, creative nonfiction, photography and art. We set a theme for each issue, and encourage a multi-sensory response to each theme.

what do we like?

We like work that talks to us like we're human. We like concrete imagery, something we can taste, smell, squeeze. We don't like words that feel archaic or sluggish or heavy. We like things weird, wonderful and simple: pieces that read a theme in a way we wouldn't expect. We encourage submissions mainly from women and underrepresented voices.


We have a theme for each issue. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but it is ours, and we take it sweet with honey. All submissions must correspond to the current theme, although we are very open to loose interpretations. In fact, we are all about loose interpretations – if our theme is BLOOD, we want to see the word blood as little as possible. Find out about our current theme.


We accept up to three poems per theme. We like it simple, weird and wonderful – no men adoring women from afar, please. We want our poetry wild and free. We're partial to tongue-poetry.


We accept short stories up to 2,500 words. No more, although if you go 100/