What makes a construction project successful?

What makes a construction project successful?Many construction projects are unsuccessful. (Based on a study by KPMG last year only 31% of respondents’ projects over the previous three years came in within 10% of their budgeted cost and only one quarter of projects over that period came in within 10% of their original deadlines.) This judgement is based solely on the fact that they were finished over budget or late. But even when projects are finished within budget and on time are they necessarily a success? Well that answer often depends on your association to the project!

Let’ ask these questions

· What happens when a project is finished on time and within the customer’s budget? Certainly the customer may regard the project as being a success. But what if the contractor lost money – obviously the project isn’t a success for the contractor.

· What if the project is completed on time, within budget and the general contractor made money, but some subcontractors lost money? Well of course the project wasn’t successful for the subcontractors! What if the subcontractors weren’t paid – well then the project definitely wasn’t a success for them.

· What about if a worker was killed while working on the project? The project certainly was a disaster for the w