Why should we take construction safety seriously?

Why should we take construction safety seriously?How safe is your construction project?

Have you had a worker die on your project? Have you visited a seriously injured worker in hospital? Maybe you’ve been injured yourself working in construction? What does it feel like?

The impacts

Some of us have had the misfortune of having serious accidents on our construction projects. It’s not pretty – and I’m not talking about the blood and mess. It’s the after effects, the disruption, the scars and loss left behind.

I was a Contract Director for a construction project in central Africa and while visiting the project, a scaffold that concreters were working on collapsed, resulting in a worker falling onto the broken timbers. A piece of wood penetrated the upper part of his inner thigh, which bled profusely. Fortunately the client had a full-time paramedic on the project, who treated the injured worker, before transferring him to the hospital an hour’s drive away.

Since there was so much blood, I was concerned the worker would die, and since we were working in a foreign country, I was also worrie