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Oh no! The sky is falling

There are multiple versions of the famous Chicken Little fable. For those who haven't had the pleasure, feel free to click the links below.

E.L Easton version: version:

The term "the sky is falling" has become a popular phrase. It is commonly understood to represent a feeling of imminent disaster. Reading the old tale inspired me to reflect upon how we perceive "disaster."  Reflection left me with several questions.

  • How do we process uncomfortable situations?
  • Are we too reactive and quick to view the sky as falling when things don't go our way?
  • Do we make too many decisions based on emotion before allowing reason to enter the process?
  • Do we allow "Chicken Littles" to influence our mindset?
  • Do we examine situations ourselves to verify truth or do we accept reality from others?
There are many lessons to be learned from the story of Chicken Little. As a young child, courage was presented as the moral of the story. As an adult, I've watched how those who jump to conclusions can impact others causing mass hysteria. I've witnessed how "Foxy Loxies" can manipulate situations for their own benefit.

My own personal takeaway centers around two beliefs:

1: No matter how good or bad a situation is, things will change. These changes will lead to changes in your mindset towards the original situation.

2: While certain events seem to "rock our world," we must ask ourselves: Will this matter in five years?  Or better yet five minutes?

It's cloudy where I am today but I realize that the sky will be fine.

Oh no! The sky is falling

Great post Paul O'Neill. So true, and the topic leans toward other recent discussions where people react without knowing the facts. These actions cause a stir, which when fueled by anger make matters even worse. The situation can change in the next 5 minutes. for better or for worse. In the meantime, a lot damage can be done which is unfortunate.

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