Paul O'Neill en Lifestyle, beBee in English, Administrative 4/7/2016 · 1 min de lectura · +800

What's your horizon line?

What's your horizon line? Many feel that it exists at our respective eye level.

Does it extend as far as the eye can see or beyond?

Can it change based upon our social, emotional or physical positioning?

What do consider impossible? 
  • Is it facing/accepting change?
  • Is it level of personal/professional achievement?
  • Is it obtaining a sense of freedom?
  • Is it finding your purpose?

Or is it something else?
What is holding you back? What are your limiting behaviors?

  • What would you attempt if you felt supremely confident?
  • What could you achieve if fear were removed from the equation?
  • What if you took no more wasted steps and focused with all of your energy?
  • What if you put every excuse or explanation aside and started right now?

There are many things in life that are difficult. If we continuously reflect and challenge ourselves, we will continue to grow. Surround yourself with quality people that challenge and hold you accountable. Find thought partners who are willing to exchange ideas. 

What is your horizon line?

No, I didn't say "Verizon" line but I hope you can hear me now.

What's your horizon line?