Percival Caleni en Communications and journalism, Entrepreneurs, Marketing Sales Agent • Cell C Pty Ltd 22/11/2016 · 1 min de lectura · +400


Growth.. So back then I didnt have the right mindset,vision nor what I wanna do whatsoever with my life. 

I had lack of information that would allow me to explore opportunities.As I grew out of school I tried studying and took a job in the sales industry having to market various products. 

Now my mindset has changed and its more positive than ever due to seeing many people being entrepreneurs(God also played his part)and I suddenly asked myself"but how do they do it?".

Thanks to the internet I started to get up and do some researching about facts regarding to be successful and I found out what I would love to do which is to market a product yes,however this time it would be in my  personal favourite which is local Clothing.

Currently Im in the process to start-up a small company that will market local designers to create better resources for them to get recognized.Yes its still an Idea,yes I dont know how I will make it work without any starting capital but I believe in God's name it will work to create better opportunities for South Africans.