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Emotional Appeal

Emotional Appeal

People often walk into a room with their decision already made. In trying to persuade others it is more effective to appeal to someone’s emotions rather than it is their intellect because we are primarily fear-based irrational decision makers.

We feel like we are rational most of the time but occasionally we get a little crazy. In reality, we are actually much more irrational than we might like to believe. Our emotions are the driving force behind our actions roughly 90% of the time. Once our emotions have propelled us into action or inaction only then do we begin the process of rationalizing that behavior and its results.

It is our action or inaction that determine the way we think about things. We do not see things as they are, we see them as we are. We each have our own set of largely unconscious habits that reflect what we believe is our winning strategy for success. We did not design our winning strategy, it designed us. It is the source of both our current success and the roadblock to better results.

Our actions focus our attention, creates our habits and behaviors. They determine what is possible or impossible for us as individuals or organizations. Our winning strategy is the source of what we do and who we are choosing to be in this moment. Our mind often mistakes talking for doing. Changing our actions changes our behavior which changes our thoughts and results.

We need to move beyond trying to understand the reason why things happen in order to begin to heal our self and each other. Whether our challenges are climate change, organizational or personal challenges we need to move beyond the why of a situation in order to focus on moving toward a solution.

Healing can only occur when we swallow our pride and reaction to pain with forgiveness. We need to move beyond the habit of trying to hurt those that seek to hurt us. In changing our primary focus from understanding to emotional acceptance, the challenges we face can we resolved remarkably quickly.


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Debasish Majumder 11/11/2017 · #2

despite we know that emotions cause riot to our reasons, can we control our emotions out of our desire. emotional expressions are largely being guided by the external conditions in which we have little or no control. rather they guide our emotional traits. the external stimuli are equally matter which make reflections in our cerebral. however, nice buzz @Peter Galik! enjoyed read and shared. thank you for the buzz.


I invite @Edward Lewellen to comment on this important buzz.