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It’s A Lifestyle

It’s A Lifestyle

To avoid societal and economic collapse continual cycles of rapid innovation and change are required.  As a result, for human life to continue we must stay on an ever accelerating treadmill of innovation and change. Going forward we will have to innovate at a faster and faster rate.

The development of our emotional intelligence is becoming an essential part of our survival. It will enable us to continue the unending cycle of innovation and change. It has become as important to us as the food we eat or the exercise we practice.

Theoretical Physicist Sir Geoffrey West has found that simple, mathematical laws govern the properties of cities, organisms and corporations.

Heartbeats     Humans:                      2,500,000,000

                         All Other Mammals:   1,500,000,000

Lifestyle:        Lower Stress (heart doesn’t need to beat as often.)

                        Lower Weight (easier to move blood around the body.)

                        Lower Body Temperature (slows metabolic and heart rate.)

If you want to go fast do it alone; if you want to go far do it together.  The true paradox of being human is that we must serve and protect ourselves and each other at the same time. Authentic emotionally intelligent individuals and their organizations do both.

We are beginning to see a fundamental shift in behavior. A growing number of individuals and organizations are learning how to become more engaged, trusted and emotionally intelligent. There are significant challenges associated with these behavioral shifts but the results are worth the emotional labor that is required.

The willingness to do emotional labo