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Organizational Development – 10 Ground Rules

Organizational Development – 10 Ground Rules

1. Executives Must Lead the Change Initiative

The organization's executives must own the ultimate responsibility for the success of the change process. Especially when it involves changes or disruption to the patterns that they have grown accustom.

2. Identify The Potential 'Sheep Dogs'

You must train and surround yourself will a core group of sheep dogs whose job it is to lead the sheep to safety away from the wolves within the organization.

3. Align Organizational and Individual Visions

The emotional connection you make with your desired results is the key to achieving those results. This visualization of your 'why' requires emotional labor. The 'what' and 'how' of your desired results requires intellectual labor and is much easier once you have made the emotional connection.

4. Action-Results Reward System

An organization must focus on a passionate Vision of where they want to go. That vision must have the power to move them through their fear toward the desired results.

5. Remove Any Obstacles Preventing Progress

With every event, dispute or disappointment the first reflex for many is to look for someone or something else to blame. Your level of engagement does not depend on external factors. The results you obtain are a reflection of the authentic, emotionally intelligent choices you make each day.

6. Celebrating Successes

One evening a grandfather was teaching his grandson about the internal battle each person faces. 'There are two wolves struggling inside each of us,' the old man said.

'One wolf is vengefulness, anger, resentment, self-pity and fear. The other wolf is compassion, faithfulness, hope, truth and love.' The grandson then asked: 'Which wolf wins?' His grandfather replied, 'The one you feed.'

7. Battle The Urge To Become Complacent

Unless you move continually and decisively the victims will use your complacency to reenergize their resistance to the changes. Resist to urge to revert back to their old habits.

8. Develop, Hire and Promote Authenticity and Emotionally Intelligence

Authenticity and emotional intelligence are essential to building strong organizations willing to embrace innovation and rapid change.

9. Continual Rededication To The Change Process

Resistance to change hinders efforts to position for an even better future, leaving a company vulnerable to becoming irrelevant.

10. Create An Ongoing Sense of Urgency

The very nature of change is that you doing what has not been done before. Once you choose to change you will be under huge pressure to reconsider. To compromise, to dumb it down or give up. That's the world's job. To get you to be quiet and follow the herd. The status quo is the status quo for a reason.


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