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Success and Failure, Two Sides of The Same Coin

Success and Failure, Two Sides of The Same Coin

Success and failure are two sides if the same coin. Our brain views success as good and failure as bad yet both require the emotional labor of moving outside of our comfort zone therefore both success and failure develop emotional intelligence.

As we learn not to be attached to outcome we begin to realize that a life worth living requires that we find and follow our passion. Sometimes we will win and sometimes we will fail but true success in life comes from doing our passion, regardless of the outcome.

Your real source of wealth is the passionate service with which you serve others. The real purpose of money is to move that wealth around. Money and wealth are not the same thing. The disadvantage of looking at money as wealth is that it obscures what being in business really means.

When we stress over money we are stressing over something that has no real value. Money is just a number in a database. It is an information mechanism for your passionate labor allocation. Most people think that the primary purpose of a business is to make money. But money is simply the intermediate stage.

What the people you serve really want is the emotional experience of feeling how the passionate you demonstrate, through the service you provide, removes their pain.


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Preston 🐝 Vander Ven 12/11/2017 · #1

Great Buzz. I like how you said Money and wealth are NOT the same thing. It reminds me of a few years after I graduated from college. This was about 15 years again. I needed a job, so I went and found the first job I could find. This was so I could have a source of income while I "look to find that Dream Job". During this time, I had met my first really mentors who began to teach me financial intelligence. One evening, I sat down with 8 of us at a back room in restaurant. This was were we had our Mastermind teachings. That evening lesson, the group couch wanted to get across the difference between money and wealth.
He asked, "Be honest, If all of you lost your jobs or careers today, how long until you were bankrupt if you did not change your lifestyle?" I was surprised because the average answer was between 2-6 months. One of the men at the table was even a millionaire.
When he asked me, I said "15 months." I was just a single guy, living in a small apartment. Because I had never been able to drive, I had never had a car payment. I had been putting money into savings and investments since early high school. Yet, I also lived way below my means. This was make in my Mac and Cheese and Ramen Noodles day.
We all learned that we were all broke, just at different levels. Only one person had the answer "Never". He was our couch. His name was Alex. He was in his early 30, the youngest, second to me at the time. He and his wife created a residual cash-flow. Therefore did not need to depend on a job or career anymore.