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Trending Sunglasses - Weekend Getaway Essentials

Trending Sunglasses - Weekend Getaway Essentials

All set for the weekend getaway? Weekends are fun filled especially when you plan for some outing. Whether you are heading towards beach or hill station, historic location or adventurous spot, the catch is what you carry while travelling. Not every location require same set of essentials. If on beach you carry flip flops then for adventurous trip, you need hiking shoes. Things you pack for your trip may differ as per location but one thing that needs to be carried along in any sort of trip is a good pair of sunglasses. Irrespective to any destination, sunnies are a must. For fashion or for safety, travelling without sunglasses is a bad idea. It is an essential accessory for any weekend trip.

It’s definitely a stylish eyepiece and at the same time also an important vision protection accessory. The current range of shades are completely vivacious and attention-grabbing. It’s no more the typical black and brown tinted shades, it’s much more stunning and quirky.

Let’s check out the trending designer sunglasses that would accentuate your outdoor look and also protect your vision from the harmful UV rays:

Matte Finished Sunglasses

Hitting the slopes? Embrace your eyes with matte-finished sunglasses. The revolutionary style of sunglasses makes you look marvelous in an instant. The glasses are sturdy and best for adventurous weekends. The chunky timeless piece with edgy feel and vibrant tinted lenses is just perfect for a rough and tough journey. Polarised glasses will help you to beat the dust, reflection and sun rays. Such cutting-edge sunglasses are easily available in online eyewear stores. You can buy glasses online to avail good discounts on variety of choices.

Flat Lens Sunglasses

The amazingly sleek flat lens is undoubtedly the newest trend of the season which can be your great travel companion. The super flat glasses with zilch curvature provides sufficient space between face and glasses. The cool and comfortable sunnies are beach-favourite. They are available in popping shades and neutral hues which can accentuate your casual beachwear. UV rays hit the coast, flat shades will prevent your eyes from the harmful radiations without compromising on style.

Vibrant Coloured Lenses

Weekend trips are always fun and exciting, adding some splash of colours will multiply the enjoyment. Acetate frames with bright tinted lenses create a funky look. Your holiday selfies or group pics will completely reflect the happiness with this flashing colours. Monotonous shades will not have that charm. Sunnies are available in eye-popping colours like orange, yellow, electric pink, gold etc. Make sure the glasses which you choose are not only super stylish but are 100% UV protective too.

Unusual, Quirky Shaped Sunglasses

Round, rectangle, square, oval are all still in the league but the distinct shapes are catching much attention. The unconventional sunglasses style is a hot favourite among the fashion-forward wanderlusts. The hippie trend is surely a head-turner. No matter whether you are visiting any dessert or a beach, this quirky shaped glasses in bright tints will make you look stand apart.

While travelling, you tend to wear sunglasses for most of the time, so it’s the best time to flatter yourself with lovely pair of sunnies. So travel in style and travel safe.